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Dustin's Pet Peev Blog #1: Twilight casting spells without reading warnings · 4:14am Dec 3rd, 2015

I have read many, many stories where Twilight casts a spell without first reading what could possibly go wrong or how certain conditions might affect the outcome/effectiveness of said spell, and it really bothers me.

Why? Because she went to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns!

What is the first thing you think they would teach at a place like that? Safety! That would include knowing all possible outcomes and side affects of any spell a pony is going to cast!

Can you imagine a room filled with a bunch of foals who are talented in the arts of magic, casting random spells without knowing what it will do? It would be a mess!

So please, if you ever write a story where Twilight learns a new spell, make sure you keep this in mind.

I know this blog says #1, but this wont be a scheduled thing. I'll just make a blog about a pet peev of mine if/when I stumble across one in a story or something.

What are your thought on both the blog, and Twilight being dumb about casting spells?

Comment below!

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Comments ( 9 )

U remind me of Josh Scorcher aka The fiery joker

Considering his success; thank you!

But I must ask how, as I've not heard of him till now.

What is the first thing you think they would teach at a place like that? Safety! That would include knowing all possible outcomes and side affects of any spell a pony is going to cast!

Story idea go:

"Are...are you sure they're going to like me?" The seemingly shy filly asked her teacher, looking up at her in concern. The mare smiled down at her newest student, Twilight Sparkle, as they approached the classroom's doors.

"Oh don't worry sweetheart, I'm sure you'll make lots of friends" the teacher stated, putting a hoof on the door.

"Besides," she started, "They usually are a bit more preoccupied anyways."

When the mare opened the seemingly normal doors, the lavender filly was utterly blindsided by the pandemonium inside.

In one side of the large classroom, a swirling black portal had opened where a wall used to be, strange tentacles rising out from its center, grabbing and holding captive screaming fillies and colts.

In another side, there appeared to be a large fortress constructed of books, some tables, and even featured a working drawbridge out of pencils.

Surrounding this structure was a battered group of young ponies, their faces hardened as they gripped play dough swords and spears.

Directly opposite of them was a rather large army of animated teddy bears, some featured angry faces while others made taunting gestures.

One Pegasus filly rose up on shaky wings above her side, somehow wearing a guards helmet she acquired from somewhere.

"Ponies!" Her squeaky voice managing to carry a commanding tone. "Tonight, we dine, IN HELL!" Her war cry was reciprocated by her classmates, who charged at the enemy forces with everything they had.

The teddies would show no mercy.

Twilight's jaw was on the floor.

The mare chuckled.

"Just a regular day Twilight, nothing unusual."

Oh my God! Expand it and publish it please!

This reminds me of a video!

Fuck safety. It's for women and gay children. Be a man and start fires.

Now you're getting the hang of it.

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