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Night of the Demons (1988) · 6:52am Nov 25th, 2015

Is it just me or is the crystal map version of Charlie from Charlie's Angels who summons a couple of ponies to do some friendship quest kind of dumb? No seriously, outside of the first mission they went on the map is kind of dumb. The first mission they met up and broke up the pony version of the Orwellian town and restored individuality to the ponies there (at least for awhile). This was a good mission. It was a mission well worth taking. After that though, not really quite so much.

The second mission we go to the Griffonstone where I guess they save the day. I mean, they introduce the griffons to baking powder and essentially say, "Be nice." Never mind that they have no functioning government, economy, currency, education system (though to be fair I'm not overly impressed with what the ponies know either) or even any national or personal pride. Somehow I think to make a real impact I think the Griffon's may need to suck it up and draw up a parliament or something and start establishing themselves. Heck when Yakyakistan seems to have it together more than you do and their leader is a rude cry baby who I can't imagine has too many brilliant ideas, you need work. Probably not just baking powder.

The third mission was essentially, "Hey gang, let's put on a show." That's it. Community theater in Brokelyn. So, I guess they came together? Maybe taught a lesson? Couldn't Coco Pommel have sent a letter to Rarity and asked for help before hand? Hell Rarity could have flirted a construction crew to do the work for her. She has proven to be effective like that. Hell, Fluttershy could have hypnotized them to do it and the play would have gone off without a hitch. I guess the lesson of, if we all do a little something we can accomplish stuff wouldn't have been learned but, honestly this was just community theater. The moment one of the residents loses a cab to another the era of good feelings is done.

Finally it was time for a feud. Twilight got to get out of the castle and Fluttershy solved the problem. It was a problem so dire it didn't effect anybody at all with the exception of maybe the squirrels and the families going at it and even then it wasn't like anybody was getting really hurt. In fact it was a feud so unimportant not even the travel guide noted it and apparently it's been a generational thing. Then again, the books in Equestria are pretty out of date short of the pulp fiction. Someone should look into that.

Speaking of things someone should look into the old Hull Funereal Home is apparently one of the most cursed and evil places around. This of course means it's the perfect place to throw a Halloween party with all of your friends. Heck have a seance while you're at it. Nothing bad will happen. I promise.

That's the sort of thinking Angela has in Night of the Demons when she decides to throw her party there. Even though nothing good has ever happened on that plot of land ever, this is the place, on the night when the barrier between Earth and Hell is the thinnest this is where you want to have it. That's some pretty smart thinking there Angela. Maybe the barrier between worlds will direct some magical ponies to come to your aide and you can sip cocoa with the demons and hash out all your problems. I mean they'll go there if the map "tells them to."

Seriously though it's a fun movie .

The Stats:
9 dead bodies, 6 breasts, multiple shots of the southern exposure if you know what I mean, teen possession, eye gouging, arm ripping, neck breaking, impaling, teen roasting, razor blade apple fu, fire fu, lipstick fu, barbwire climbing.

Shout outs:
Donnie Jeffcoat as the wise cracking younger brother of Judy who says things like "Bodacious boobies sis! Keep on growing and you'll have to hire someone to tie your shoes!

Linea Quigley as Suzanne for baring all, hiding her lipstick ina unique spot and saying "You guys got sour balls? ... Too bad. You probably don't get many blow jobs.

Alvin Alexis as Rodger the one character who has enough sense to run, hide and do whatever to try to get out of the cursed place.

Billy Gallo as Sal the ex-boyfriend of Judy for saying things like, "Boo! I wish I had a camera. You look like you dropped a load."

Hal Havins as Stooge for being the annoying jerk who says things like, "Eat a bowl of fuck!"

Amelia Kinkaide who before she wrote books on how to talk to animals and get answers played Angela who gives a very memorable dance routine.

Check it out.

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Comments ( 8 )

Hello, angels... I mean... ponies!

Heh pretty much! I suppose we're lucky it doesn't sing, "I'm the map! I'm the map! I'm the map! I'm the map! I'm the map! I'M THE MAP," constantly.


Or Yakko's countries of the world song...

3570401 This is very true. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!

I'll grant that Griffon-land seemed pretty hosed during that episode, but I wouldn't be surprised if we get a future episode that shows Queen (or Prime Minister or whatever) Gilda turning things around. And then maybe she marches an army to Ponyville to thank those responsible for her success, inadvertently triggering a war with Equestria, and teaching us all a valuable lesson about the need for proactive communication among heads of state.

...or something like that. :pinkiecrazy:

3570939 They could change the name of the griffon country to Eyrieland and demand that Northern Eyrieland rejoin the flock from the clutches of Ponydom.

3572647 ...prompting the creation of that world-famous drink, the Eyrieish Cart Bomb? :rainbowwild:

3572984 As long as they don't launch into "Sundae Creamy Sundae," I think we'll be okay:rainbowlaugh:

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