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    Let's get this train rolling again.

    Isabella "Sissy" Nero

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    Tamago: Character Check, Part 1

    So, LyraAlluse was interested in the characters of my characters of my original Story, so here I am. Keep in mind that I will not hold the spoilers, except it's something really big.

    Let's start with whom I consider the main character, the young punk girl with the long purple pony tail from Salem, Massachusetts ,

    Murasaki Kabuto.

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    And I wanna thank each and every one of you for the outstanding experience the last 5 years, since I've discovered the show, have been.

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    I recently applied to the Deggendorf Institute of Technology to make my bachelor in media technology. Sound design, graphics, 3D animation, the whole shebang.

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Why no Updates? · 1:02pm Nov 18th, 2015

I'm sorry for not updating on Little Piece. I, in fact, have about half of the second chapter already done and I would be finished by now, if I had continued. But the last time I wrote on Little Piece was in summer.

I had some other ideas for stories that took up my time and, for some time now, I haven't felt like working on any of them. I got into a new school and it's been pretty stressful lately with a lot of tests.

I know it's a pretty lame excuse, but it's the truth. I swear I will continue writing at some point and I've never stopped thinking about which characters I should place in which role and how to re-write the story of One Piece, so that my thing can become it's own little thing.

If you have any suggestions that may help me with this thing or maybe inspire me to return to writing I would be eternally grateful. Or if you want to help me with this project by writing something yourself, I'd be even more grateful. Let's do this thing together.

Thanks for listening. Or ... reading?

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