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Tamago: Character Check, Part 1 · 3:32pm Feb 28th, 2020

So, LyraAlluse was interested in the characters of my characters of my original Story, so here I am. Keep in mind that I will not hold the spoilers, except it's something really big.

Let's start with whom I consider the main character, the young punk girl with the long purple pony tail from Salem, Massachusetts ,

Murasaki Kabuto.

She was very skilled and talented as a child. Scouts, boxing, grades, anything she wanted to, she could accomplish. This, unfortunately lead to high expectations of her, especially from her parents. They weren't as malicious as they were overbearing.

The pressure was high, the fear of disappointing them great. All until she one day snapped at a boxing competition, where she lashed out against her opponent and sent him to the hospital. Ever since, her grades have dropped, she quits her activities and she avoided being near her family basically at all times. Difficult, when your father is also your principal.

She also struggles with anger issues. She's quick to anger and lashes out at the drop of a hat. Like the time she damaged the superintendent's car, because he talked shit about her dad's way of running the school, when all he complained about was stuff that was wrong when he himself was still principal there. Or the time she trashed the corner store, because the owner charged little kids three times the actual price.

She's working on it though. She regularly talks about things with her former Scout leader, who also teaches her how to cook in his diner. She has developed such a passion for it, that she dreams of one day going to Japan and opening an authentic American Steakhouse. Under no circumstances can her family get wind of it though, as they would just ruin it again. She needs room to breathe and can't stand being overwhelmed.

Her skills and attitude are about to be tested though, when she falls through an interdimensional portal into a land of knights and magic. Now, her best chance to return is to find all 12 Golden Eggs legt by the Gods, scattered across the continent and wish herself and her brother back.

Luckily, one God in particular was fond of her enough to chose her as Champion, Aquarius, Goddess of Water, Music and the Moon has given her the power to manifest her soul as a purple Shark Lady weilding an anchor-shaped electric guitar. Now, she needs to hone her new-found skills to return home.

Midori Kabuto

Midori is Murasaki's younger brother. Both of them are pretty much complete opposites of each other. One of them likes something, the other hates it. One is loud, brash, direct and outgoing, the other is meek, shy, passive aggressive and likes to keep to himself. One faces external struggles head-on while running away from her emotional struggles, the other is the other way around.

He constantly berates her for not being home to do her chores, as they then falls on him to do. He particularly dislikes how she apparently never puts any effort into anything, just barely passing her classes with minimal effort, while he actively has to earn every single B.

Constantly scared, unsure and insecure he doesn't often try new things. He would like to overcome his issues, but he just doesn't know how, insisting that he has to do it himself or he'll forever be reliant on others. While he is very helpful himself and happily does whatever is asked of him (sometimes just out of indifference), he'll rarely accept help from others, something he as to overcome if he wants to learn magic.

His desire to help people and to grow as a person earn him the respect of Sagittarius, God of Storms, Justice and the Hunt, who gives Midori the power to generate electricity and control the wind.

Moving on the the last member of the Main Trio, Gin Fenice.

He is a boy, two years older than Murasaki, who grew up in Trumpf, under the wings of a famous alchemist, alongside two other boys. After losing his master, as well as both his legs and half an arm along with most of his sense of taste, he was an outcast. Until he met Mara di Vultura, who helped him get back on his prosthetic feet. Together they formed the band of thieves called "The Birds of a Black Feather". They would later recruit four other members. After Murasaki and Midori arrive in Trumpf, he will be forced to tag along with them for quite a while.

He is a very stoic guy, rarely smiling and generally just being annoyed by Murasaki and Midori fighting. Speaking of fighting, he is also kind enough to help Murasaki gain control of her new powers and acts as a sparring partner. There may be something more going on too.

As second in command of the birds, Gin does everything he does to ensure the others are okay, which he mostly believes is following Mara's orders. Something is afoot among the birds, though. Something that he just can't let go.

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Gin was long ago chosen by Leo as his Champion. The God of Fire, the Forge, Craftsmanship and the Sun, granted the boy the ability to absorb heat from his surroundings, store it and redirect them into various minerals. He uses this power mostly to make smithing easier, but also in combat, attacking his opponents with scorching metal legs or flaming balls of Sulfur.

5211065 I really like these character descriptions and the drawings. The story sounds really cool so far. :)

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