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Tamago: Character Check Part 2 · 2:26pm Mar 1st, 2020

Let's get this train rolling again.

Isabella "Sissy" Nero
First human Murasaki and Midori meet in this new world. A girl one year younger than Midori, 12, with black hair, eyes like a blood moon, and wearing a gothic Dirndl similar to this: Another notable feature of hers are her fangs. All in all, she gives off a vampiric vibe.

Finding them interesting, and grateful for their assistance with a monster, she helps the siblings to the castle where she's undergoing her training to become an alchemist. She has to completely fill her Tarot deck with Devils and Spells to complete her training.

Having spent two thirds of her life in the castle under the tutelage of Madame Morgana, she considers Midori to be her first and only friend. Little does she know that the feeling is mutual.

Goather Ereo (orig.: Ziegfried Ereo)
As champion of Capricorn, King of the Gods (like Zeus), God of War, Battle, Weaponry and Strategy, Master of the Righteous Halls, resting place of those fallen in battle, this captain of the royal guard is next in line to ascend the throne.

Though, he has enough problems already. What with a dwindling number of competent soldiers, the increasing threat of Devils, a constantly complaining public. Not to mention his former adoptive brother being second in command of an increasingly annoying band of thieves. And then he's tasked with looking after a foreign girl who just can't help doing the opposite of what she's supposed to. Life is stressful.

The powers of Capricorn allow him to bend metal any way he likes. He usually uses it to transform his sword and suit of armour into various other weapons like spears, morning stars and Warhammers.

Mara di Vultura
Leader of the Birds of a Black Feather.
When she was a child, Devils attacked her home, the desert oasis Heartwell. As the only survivor, she managed to make her way to the capital, Oakburg. However, after the accident involving Gin's Master, the whole kingdom was in a dire situation. She found no help and had to steal to survive. Along the way, she met Gin, but you already know him.

Tauros, the God of Wildlife and hard-earned wealth, gave her the power to spawn wings. Not only is she able to fly, but each of her feathers is able to track what she wants. She only has to have a clear image in her head and the designated Feather will point in that direction.
With the help of Tauros and her team, she dreams of bringing Heartwell back to its full glory. But is the boastful leader really in charge?

Member of the Birds and most adapt at magic. Uses mirrors and tricks to pull Pranks on the entire kingdom. Got thrown in jail after he threw a pie in the king's face.
Wears a yellow and pink jester's garb.

Woodrow Peck/Pivert
Member of the Birds and son of the Lumberjack-Guild master. Due to abuse during childhood, he ran away after he found Mara and Gin raiding their food storage.
Highly religious to the Cult of Tauros, which is why he follows Mara blindly.

Youngest member of the birds at 10 years old. The young tomboy was found roaming the streets of Oakburg by Pivert and joined the crew after a hard-stolen meal. A prodogy in all things chemical, she functions as the group's apothecary and pyrotechnician.

Despite her boastfulness and "boy before my superior intellect, peasants" attitude, she weirdly enough gets along quite well with Midori and Nero.

Member of the Birds
Former Travelling Bard, but stayed in Oakburg for quite a while after he fell in love with a noble. The two of them wanted to elope. He knew the risk of catching an arrow would be high, but he never considered that her parents would tell their archers to put one through their daughter's leg as well. After miraculously surviving three arrows through the torso, he was found by Gin and Quail and nursed back to health. Since then, he's been trying to repay that debt.

Ariete Mascapone
Former adventurer, leader of the Guild Council and Hospitality Guild, he wants to take Murasaki under his wing to learn her otherworldly recipes and see her potential flourish. Because he empathizes with the Birds, he often gives them a free meal and let's them kidnap him should they need a hostage.
Secretly controlling Mara through intimidation from the shadows, he has been the true head of the Birds for quite a while. Seeks to throw the entire kingdom into war to finally gather all 12 Tamago to wish his son back to life and to show the nobles just how dangerous the world outside their metaphorical birdcage really is.

Chosen by the God of the Dead, Aries, he has the power to turn his body ghostly, making himself intangible while still able to interact with physical objects and beings.

The Knights Alpha
A band of mercenaries previously under the rule of King Max, now wanted for being suspected to have caused the incident involving Gin's Master. Their members consist of their leader, the cool and collected Hannibal Finx, their strong arm Barka Truffle, the somewhat cowardly and womanizing gunman Mario Magellan who is on the hunt for his lost memories, the crazy, with animals talking Isaac and their elephant Tusk.

Basil Lupin
The Head of the Morioh Hunter Clan. Fighting with the people of Trumpf for settling on the holy mountain for generations. At the time of introduction, fighting for their lives against a mysterious bard and his army of Beasts.

Hamelin Reynard
Mass murderering psychopath. Ever since he murdered his mother for abusing him with countless torturous experiments he has been on the run. His only goal is to show humanity true madness.
Champion of Scorpio, God of Dreams and Nightmares, he has the power to create illusions and transform his body into anything he wants.
Twin brother of Ariete, who was slightly less abused. Or was he? Which one of them did their mother in? Not even Hamelin remembers it.
Has been attacking the Hunter Clan for their Tamago, because his brother anonymously urged him to, but he instantly recognized his hand writing. Another reason was to drive the Clan to either resent the Kingdom so much, they would join his side in the war, or they would seek to abandon their pride and ask the kingdom for help.

Not quite finished, but I have to go.
Next part is somewhen next week.

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I'm enjoying reading these character descriptions. Your story sounds really cool. :)

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