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What About Discord? Review · 7:25pm Nov 10th, 2015

Hey, looks like we have another episode featuring everyone's favourite chaotic being! Oh yay! Okay, I do have to say I'm sorry this is a little late. I don't have much excuse aside from procrastinating. XP But anyway, let's get right to it!

Also, can you spot Starlight Glimmer's cameo? I didn't the first time! It took an episode review to confirm that for me. XD

So, our story begins with Twilight having a relaxing weekend of sorting through her books in the library. Okay, seems very much like something she'd do! Fun times are to be had, right? Hey, I find organizing books and such to be very relaxing!

After the long weekend passes, Twilight comes across something very unexpected. Her friends all bonding with Discord! Like they're all old pals! Considering how they used to behave around him since his reformation, betrayal, and then the atonement, it's no wonder she's put off! But it turns out that they've been spending the weekend with each other and having fun. Along with their own inside jokes!

It has Twilight spending the rest of the episode trying to figure out what's happening and why they all seem to be this chummy with Discord all of a sudden. As we've come to expect at this point, Twilight is jumping to some crazy conclusions! Including the idea that they're all under a spell, with Discord being up to something sinister with all of it.

So yeah, all of that becomes a bit of a running joke. XP Overall, it's funny, but it does show pretty well in how a joke can run its course after a while. Especially with too much repetition. In the long run, Twilight realizes that she's jealous about it all. She feels left out and like she can't share in a fun experience that she now wishes to have been a part of.

As it turns out, it was what Discord planned all this time! Well, not to the tee, Twilight getting jealous was entirely accidental. But he still, in his own way, wanted to teach her a lesson. It wasn't quite the best way to do it, and in a way, could've been handled a little better. But the intent was there and it still worked in its own way. There could've been a bit of tweaking in all of it. Especially if the lesson was more about taking an opportunity rather than skipping out on it.

Still it was fun to see Discord trolling Twilight to get her attention. XD She even ended up doing so right back just to even the score!

And it did end pretty nicely in the long run! They all shared a laugh and a big group hug, which is a nice indication of the idea that they're all friends. Yay!

So, the episode leaves me a bit conflicted, but I still had fun with it. There's things that could've been fixed, but it was a still a fun, laid-back time. The references still had me laughing, too. XD

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After all the massive, crazy episodes we've been getting recently, it's pretty refreshing to have a simple slice of life episode.

Gotta say, I was a nervous wreck in the weeks before this episode came out. I mean, with episodes dealing with Discord, you never know what'll happen. And while that can be funny, what I'm referring to is the possibility of his reform doing a 180. I mean, "Twilight's Kingdom" seemed to cement his change permanently, but you never know with writers and their love of pushing the reset button. Still, I'm glad to hear this episode went well. And from the sounds of the premise, it seems Rainbow Dash's bad blood with Discord is finally out of her system. Although, among writers who like to see the draconequus driving Rainbow bananas, there's also the FlutterDash/FlutterCord war that's still going. It's a good thing the Faust said there would be no official pairings within the main characters (even with the obvious crush Twilight has on Flash Sentry), meaning that one shipper group won't be heartbroken and another will have the opportunity to gloat.

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