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I'm a Canadian gal who loves to write. :D

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    Hi everyone! I know it's been such a long, long time, but I'll have you know that I still pop in sometimes! I just haven't been productive. XP If you follow me on any of my social media (I started Twitter last year, too!), yeah... It's weird as hell.

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    Hello everyone! Also story update!

    Hi everybody! I wanted to first say how sorry I am for having pretty much disappeared for the past several months. There really is no excuse for that at all. The last thing I want to do is disappoint all of you. So, I'm very, very sorry. I'm thankful for all of you that have stuck around! I hope that 2017 will be a much better year!

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    Hello everyone! How's it going? :pinkiehappy:

    I’ve considered it quite a bit, but I’ve been unsure about the idea. Not because I don’t have a huge following, I would not expect to get a lot! I’m more than fine with just making some loose change. X3

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    I know pretty much everyone else is doing this, but I'll go ahead and do it too. XP Because I'm a sheep! Anyway, so this episode was indeed Amy Keating Rogers' final episode of MLP. She's since gotten work at Disney, which is pretty awesome for her. It's pretty sad knowing she's no longer writing for MLP, she's been on staff ever since season one! She even wrote The Journal of the Two Sisters!

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Patreon? · 10:42pm Jan 11th, 2016

Hello everyone! How's it going? :pinkiehappy:

I’ve considered it quite a bit, but I’ve been unsure about the idea. Not because I don’t have a huge following, I would not expect to get a lot! I’m more than fine with just making some loose change. X3

The issue for me is the fact I have no idea what to give as an incentive. I’m a writer. Crowd-funding is a great thing, but I believe in giving back. I know I’d create the content, but I’d want to give something more. Aside from writing a one-shot request, it’d be a little tough.

So that’s more or less what I need some help with. If you guys have some suggestions for incentives, feel free to let me know!

Thank you for your continued support! :P

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I'm afraid I don't understand what the issue is. Care to elaborate a little?

3680273 Oh, I'm sorry if you misunderstood! ^^;

I'm not sure what to give in terms of rewards. Like, I feel as a writer, I don't have tons of options. Artists give drawings, video makers can make special videos, maybe someone makes shirts, ect. Aside from sneak previews of upcoming fanfics or even one-shot MLP fanfic requests, I really am not sure what I could give. I feel like what I can offer isn't enough to give back.

For mine I mostly just made it known that giving me money motivates me to write more and let people decide whether that was a good thing.

3680352 Ah, I see! That could work! I guess the only concern I would have with that is to make sure that I'm not deceiving anyone with what I can offer. XP Otherwise, that does sound doable!

I made pretty much no commitments in mine other than promising to put their name somewhere on a thank you list and free copies of anything else I publish for the really big contributers. It seems to have worked.

I mean, I only have the one backer, but he pledged 25 dollars a chapter, so there's that.

Not to continue asking questions, but why do you want to give rewards?

3680371 That's interesting! Sounds like a good way to do it for sure.

3680375 It's okay! I encourage this sort of thing. X3 I want to give rewards because I do want to give back to people who help me. In a way I wouldn't feel right about being unable to at least give a little something. XP

I know that just seeing more stuff, even they are just one shots, would be enough for someone like me. Do you already have a patron? If so, how may I find it?

3681120 I'm in the process of putting it together, actually. XP But I'll post about it once I have it set up!

And thank you for the encouraging words! :) That's definitely an understandable incentive.

Well I'd love feedback / publicity / editing on my story, and I may be willing to pay for that. :) Just a thought. I'm sure others would like something similar too...

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