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I'm a Canadian gal who loves to write. :D

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    Hi everyone! I know it's been such a long, long time, but I'll have you know that I still pop in sometimes! I just haven't been productive. XP If you follow me on any of my social media (I started Twitter last year, too!), yeah... It's weird as hell.

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Helloooo!! · 2:08am Sep 7th, 2019

Hi everyone! I know it's been such a long, long time, but I'll have you know that I still pop in sometimes! I just haven't been productive. XP If you follow me on any of my social media (I started Twitter last year, too!), yeah... It's weird as hell.

Updates? Well... I still haven't seen the movie, still haven't seen some of the EqG specials, I've yet to watch season eight, let alone nine! But I will be doing all of that, for sure! It's just taking time and wanting to be in the mood. Plus of course, hearing that the show will be ending. Oof, I still can't believe that it is! I mean, I'm glad it's going to go out on what I hope will be a high note. I'm glad it's ending before it can get TOO stale.

Will I check out G5? ...Probably not. I mean, I'm not closing the door on that possibility TOO HARD, but I don't have immediate plans to check it out. Who knows! But for now, nah.

I still love my ships! FlutterDash is still my OTP and always will be! ;)

Anyway, I wanted to address one thing! Some of my incomplete works. Believe me, I feel AWFUL for that. I've even been considering removing them completely so they're not tainting my profile. But, I know most of you still love some of them, and I understand! Which is why I'm going to give you guys some time to download them or read them again. But within a few months, I don't know when, I'll delete them. My completed works will stay here!

DON'T WORRY! I will make an official announcement for when I delete them. Not before then, I assure you! I'll even give a date for when I do delete them so as to, again, give you guys time.

Aside from that, I do have some collaborated works being done... I hope to get them out once they're complete! It'll take time, since they're lengthy... but, it's something I'm planning to still do. :3

You guys, THANK YOU. I appreciate you guys enjoying my works and giving me feedback. It means a lot. I still love MLP and I'm sorry to have not made a new fanfic in a while. I really am. But, should I get some inspiration, I will produce. We'll see what happens!

In the meantime, take care, and I'll see you guys next time! :)

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Glad to have you back, NintendoGal! It really is a shame that some of your stories are going to be deleted; I found "Cupid Discord" in particular very promising. Oh, well. Hopefully you'll get some inspiration.

Oh, and just to let you know, seasons eight and nine have been a bit short of FlutterDash moments (though the EQG special "Rollercoaster of Friendship" and the MLP Christmas special have some cute Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash subplots, the latter especially seen as fuel for the idea that Discord is a FlutterDash supporter).

Once again, it's great to have you back, and hopefully it won't be long before you have something new out. And who knows, maybe you'll get inspiration to finish some of those 'incomplete' stories of yours.

Nice to have you back.


Thank you!! :)

Oh yes, I did see the Christmas special! For the most part I liked it and I'm glad it got some FlutterDash in there, but I do wish it was Rainbow's actual idea and not something Discord had as a backup. But that's just me, I guess!

I do know that a future Daring Do episode SEEMS to have Rainbow and Fluttershy involved together with the main plot... guess we'll see!

The show may be ending, and you involvement may have waned, but I am nonetheless appreciative of your contributions. Your stories remain some of my favorites :D

Hellopaca! Nice to see you around!

Perhaps just mark the fics as cancelled? :o

Thank you!! :D That's all I could ever ask for. You guys have always been so awesome and supportive, I feel so humbled.

I guess I could do that? I don't know, the just the fact that unfinished works would be sitting there, gathering proverbial dust and feeling bad for it?? That's just a personal feeling though! And I know how much they mean to people, so I might just end up doing that.

Thank you very much!! :)

I can't wait to see more flutterdash content from you

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