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Rest in Peace: Creeper · 2:07am Nov 9th, 2015

There really isn't much for me to say other then the title...

One of the family's cats got hit by a car like... an hour or so ago, died in my sister's arms. Ugh...

I buried him not too long ago, stupid ground was hard as balls and there were roots but... I buried him... least I could do.

I'll miss you Creeper buddy, you were a furry black monster, but you were awesome.

Peace be with you young warrior cat.

Report Dustchu · 206 views · #Creeper #Cat #RIP #Rest In Peace
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Comments ( 5 )

3530669 I had a guinea pig that did that, watched stuff with em, rest her little soul ;n;

3530762 RIP

I feel your pain, a few years back my cat Midnight got sick and passed away all in the same day. It was hard on all of us. At least Creeper is no longer in pain, even if the pain was brief.

3530805 That sucked no doubt ;n;
I just talked to Creeper just a few minutes before he got hit.
ugh... Life.

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