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Jeepers Creepers III Spoiler Review · 6:05am Oct 29th, 2017

Just saw Jeepers Creepers III... & it is evarything I wanted & more!

The movie opens in 1978 with The Creeper chasing someone through a field, where he aventunitly gets draged into the air, nows a good time to mention the victim has a machete, cuss he chops off The Creepers hand. The hand lands on the hood of some guys car, that will be important latter.

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Jeepers Creepers Update · 12:22pm Sep 11th, 2017

I have gotten the story "Jeepers Creepers" from it's latest owner and I am going to be completing the now almost complete story...I will also be creating a story that is based off the recent horror movie "IT" and I am glad to announce when the story for both of the franchises will be released. I am also going to be making animations for both stories and although they are still being developed I am glad t announce them. So while I am at it I will be posting at random points during October

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Rest in Peace: Creeper · 2:07am Nov 9th, 2015

There really isn't much for me to say other then the title...

One of the family's cats got hit by a car like... an hour or so ago, died in my sister's arms. Ugh...

I buried him not too long ago, stupid ground was hard as balls and there were roots but... I buried him... least I could do.

I'll miss you Creeper buddy, you were a furry black monster, but you were awesome.

Peace be with you young warrior cat.

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Jeepers Creepers - Song · 6:33pm Sep 13th, 2019


My Top Nine Gobot Characters · 12:22am Jul 6th, 2017

I was going to do a review for Independence Day, which I'm so sorry I kept you all waiting for, but I'm just not motivated enough to write it today. I'm so sorry guys. I promise I'll get it reviewed.

This is all I can really think about right now, so I'm just gonna do this today.

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