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Paradox Theory

You cannot just expect happiness, you have to create it. ~A great many people.

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  • 57 weeks
    The Sequel to Turnabout Storm is finally coming!

    So, a little context:

    Some time ago I found a small little YouTube channel that was making their own version of a Turnabout Storm sequel. I was told by many that it would probably die. It almost did.

    After the creator's hard drive crashed, it spent the last couple years in development hell.

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  • 63 weeks
    I wish the notifications stayed around later.

    Every once in awhile I'll get notifications here. However, because of the short amount of time they stay in your box, I don't always get to see what some of them are.

    Take a couple days ago for instance. I got on, and saw six notifications. However, I could only veiw the most recent. Which, was a new follower.

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  • 85 weeks
    I haven't been here since April.

    And there's only really one reason why.

    Inspiration. Or lack thereof.

    I still have inspiration from time to time. But never for a long enough time for story making.

    At this point I may be cancelling whatever stories I haven't finished by the end of January.

    The only story I may still finish one day is the last case in the Malum story, as I'm only half way through it.

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  • 117 weeks
    At the edge of Apocalypse. . .

    She shook as the implications of what was said were finally made clear.

    "But. . .I promised. Remember? Our. . ." Her voice shook as she looked at the calm expression of her friend's face.

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  • 118 weeks
    And the urge to write has returned at long last.

    For those of you who don't know. I just uploaded another chapter to Malum Prohibitum: The Changeling Trials.

    To be honest, I had originally started the chapter a year and a month ago, just after posting the last one in March 2017.

    It feels good to finally have made progress.

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A few things: · 6:17am Oct 31st, 2015

1. I have a new face. I like this face. I will keep this face.

2. Sweetie Belle is best crusader. (in my opinion)

3. If every pork chop were perfect. . . .

4. I have submitted my story (again) so in best case scenario expect it early Halloween!


6. Anyone have any suggestions for tomorrows Halloween playlist?

7. I might fluffle puff later.

8. I am just about done with Miles Edgeworth Investigations. Expect one last post on that tomorrow.

9. This is still more then a few. Para still can't count.

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Comments ( 9 )

Cats mat Pat rat.

1: You have fun with that.
2: I like 'em all.
3: WE WOULDN'T HAVE HOT DOGS *cue off-beat cymbal crash*
4: Yee
6: Symphony of the Night, Dragonforce.
7: wat
9: KeK

3509341 7. I mean I might watch some Flufflepuff later.


The scene in DBZ: Abridged where Vegeta gets so pissed he screams loud enough that his future child can hear him.
His fave is similar to Sweetie's, but angrier.


3509354 Just go to YouTube and search Flufflepuff.

If every pork chop were perfect. . . .


Enjoy new face.:pinkiecrazy:

For the Playlist, I might recommend Thriller, but I'm sure the feeds will be flooded with that. Maybe a song by Jack Skellington?:duck:

Wait, Flufflepuff has a show? WHERE THE HECK HAVE I BEEN?!

3509365 A show? No.

There's just the youtube videos. I'm gonna watch them.

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