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I Gave In... · 3:28am Oct 5th, 2015

...and saw the leaked episode. :fluttershysad: Don't worry. I'm not here to spoil anything or even give my thoughts on it. Though the title of this blog might be a bit misleading. I didn't really give in but rather watched it for the sake of my sanity. Let me explain.

Due to some random clicking, I ended up in the blog list of an author here on FIMFiction who I used to follow. I'm not going to insert any author's name here but I will say that they are easily one of the most pessimistic reviewers I've seen on this site. I only originally followed them because I enjoyed reading their blog posts bashing the behavior of Chad Rocco (not going into detail about that drama again). But I can't recall them ever being satisfied with an episode. Even their positive reviews had this stank tone to them. Of course, we're all entitled to our opinions and I respect their opinions but there's only so much pessimism you can take before you're sick of reading it. So I unfollowed them and haven't given them a second thought until now.

When I stumbled across their blogs, I decided to curiously scroll through them and see how they were reacting to recent episodes. To none of my surprise, the pessimism was still quite apparent, even in the more positive blogs. I then stumbled across a short blog which discussed the episode leak. It was clear that they weren't fond of the episode and decided to just give a quick summary of what happened in the episode. They even had to add a snobbish "just saved you six weeks of waiting" note at the end. I realized this too late when my eyes focused on the blog and the damage was done. So I decided to watch the episode in order to get my own opinion of it so that I wouldn't have that pessimistic blog post banging around my head until the episode officially aired.

But I'm not going to say what I thought about it because, unlike the author whose name I shall not insert here, I respect that people may have differing opinions from mine and won't spoil anything here. I don't want to risk unfairly lowering or raising any of your expectations. You'll hear my thoughts on the episode, obviously, once it airs and it's time for me to write my review.

That is all.

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You have my condolences good sir. :ajsleepy: Hopefully you still have at least something good to watch come Halloween.

Watched it not knowing it was a leaked episode until ModMCdl told me. Makes me upset but it was still great!

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