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Seeking Proofreaders · 9:16pm Sep 25th, 2015

Hey, guys!

Big plans this coming October in the pony world. I've got two long-form stories planned for imminent release, one the story mentioned in my last blog, the other, a grimdark horror-y fic specifically tuned for the Nightmare Night season (not to mention Flock Together, which is taking a short backseat while I square these seasonal fics away). As the blog title says, I am in need of more eyeballs and brain parts to make these stories what they ought to be.

I am particularly looking for people skilled in line-by-line editing, with emphasis on body language and sentence concision. Those interested, or that know others that might be, can send me a PM or comment below.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm always willing to edit/proof-read for fellow authors. If you'd like my help, just let me know.


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