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Progress Report · 6:03pm Aug 9th, 2012

I think I'm on a bit of a writing high at the moment. I set myself a daily goal of 1k words the day before writing my previous blog entry, and I've managed to meet and exceed it every day since then. The total wordcount (of words written in the past few days) is 4790, across two chapters of Long Distance and one of I Dream of Daisies.

What this means for you followers, at the moment, is that Chapter 16 of Long Distance is complete and waiting on editing, proofing and general checking. Have a snippet!

The three equines entered the farm's entrance archway with little ceremony – that they left to Venkra, who swooped over it and announced her presence with a blast of green fire. A few metres away, a sizable crowd of ponies had already gathered around the platform the president was going to speak from – the entirety of which turned around in shock.

"Calm down, everypony," a familiar voice called over a megaphone. "This dragon's friendly."

Ocean Glider put her megaphone down and jumped off the wooden platform, a wide smile nearly splitting her face in two. She cantered over to her friends excitedly. "So glad you made it! President Dawn is very eager to meet you all."

"Indeed I am."

Ocean Glider swivelled around. "M-Madam President! When did you arrive?"

"Oh, not terribly long ago. I didn't want to make a nuisance of myself while everypony was setting up, so I just slipped in without calling attention to myself. Sometimes it's nice just to observe, don't you think?"

President Joyous Dawn, Sky noticed, looked a fair bit younger than she'd expected, and also a good deal more striking. Her red coat and black mane where both a few shades darker than what was usually natural, and the latter was tied up on her head in a very tight bun. A pair of thin spectacles sat on the end of her nose, and she had a presence.

"Now, Ocean, please introduce me to these friends of yours I've heard so much about."

"Of course, right away."

Joyous Dawn shook hooves with each of Ocean's equine friends, looking each of them directly in the eyes, and lent a hoof to two of Venkra's claws.

"Mr Noise," she said to White. "It's come to my attention that the sole Lunar Republican outlet of your revolutionary business was destroyed in the recent Port Welcome dragon rampage. It's my pleasure to personally inform you that your shop will be fully repaired by the state at no cost, thanks to the fundraising efforts of one Mr Sweep Stake."

"That's great news! Thank you... uh, Madam President!"

Joyous Dawn smiled photogenically. "I'd love to stay and chat a while longer, but we'll be starting soon, so I'd best get going. We must continue this conversation at a later stage."

As the president trotted back to the platform, Ocean grinned and nodded at her friends. "She's inspiring, isn't she? I knew you'd like her!"

All four travellers nodded vigorously and voiced their agreements, but White knew – with a faint ignition of his horn – that the other three had found her just as unsettling as he had. Politicians, he thought.

Next time I'll give you snippet of the new Daisy Dreams chapter. For now... the title is "A Mind Forever Organising".

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I'm going to enjoy this!

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