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    Hey, I just wanted to ask people this and see if I get a response, if not I'll just go with my first plan.

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Branching off · 4:44pm Aug 13th, 2015

Hey, I just wanted to ask people this and see if I get a response, if not I'll just go with my first plan.

A dragon a dozen is meant to be in 3-4 sort of "Acts". The first one being the actual Dragon a Dozen "act", which is almost done. The second sort of "act" is going to be a mashup between scenarios involving Spike and Scenarios involving Cobalt in separate chapters which I'll name right now since I have it on the header. The Chapters are either going to have the preface "Reaper 5" Which is for Cobalt, and "The Apprentice" For Spike, and the main Story arc is going to have the name "Two Brothers". Now this is where my dilemma lies. Do I keep submitting these chapters, and therefore, the rest of the chapters of the entire thing in "A dragon a dozen," or do I create a new story arc for each chapter and have it named "A Dragon a Dozen: Two Brothers" etc. for the next part? If anyone could give me a comment letting me know which one would be the better idea I would really appreciate it, thank you.

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To be honest I say keep them altogether.

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