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    Full steam ahead, my fellow bronies and pegasisters.
    - Harms Way

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Update: 8-12-15 · 6:21pm Aug 12th, 2015

Whats up everypony?

Just thought I'd give ya'll a little bit of an update on the status for some current and future stories. But before I get into that, I just want to give ya'll a big thank you for how my latest series has taken off. I'm really thankful to have such an amazing group of people who choose to read my stories, offer their comments, even provide some feedback and suggestions when I need them. So for that, I say thank you! :pinkiehappy:

Now then, lets get on to some of the stories that are currently being worked on.

A New Beginning: I know I said when I released the last chapter that I would try not to let another space of time as long as that one happen again, but despite my best efforts, the team of Wal-Mart and writer's block has yet again triumphed over me. As far as Wal-Mart is concerned, I'm hoping things are going to be smoother and more regular when it comes to my schedule. But I'm not making any promises. Who knows, if things keep going the way they currently are at work, I might be getting lots of time to write stories for ya'll. But I'll just leave it at that.

As for the story itself, the next chapter is being worked on as you read this. With a little luck, some time, and focus, I could have the chapter up by the weekend. I'm hoping to keep it to that deadline, but if not, next week for sure is when the next chapter will be up.

Welcome to O.U.R. Academy: I'm sorry to say this, but this story is on hiatus until further notice. The spark I had for this story when I first started writing it has, for the moment, gone out. It is this reason that I am putting this story up for adoption. So if anyone out there would like to pick up where I left off on it, feel free to send me a PM so we can discuss it in detail.

My Little Sirens: Songs of Seduction: This story's newest chapter has been getting worked on, but it isn't yet finished. I'm hesitant at giving an ETA on it, but for those who are waiting for the next chapter, it is coming.... I just don't know when.

Now for some stories that are just beyond the horizon. I've been trying to balance work on these stories while also working on others. I'm hoping that the next time I post an update blog, some of these stories will be in the current story section.

The next story in the "MLP: Erotica Girls" series: I'm currently working on Fluttershy's entry into the series as you read this. Just like with A New Beginning, I'm hoping to have it up within a week or so. I hope ya'll will continue to show it the same support that you've given to both Rarity's and Sunset's stories.

BB-61: Equestria Bound: I'll be honest. My nerves are kinda getting to me when it comes to this story. The first chapter is roughly a quarter of the way done, but I'm still hesitant on whether or not I should release it. I really don't want to send any feelings of disrespect to anyone who served aboard her or even those who died on her by releasing a story about their battleship going to Equestria. Trust me when I say that I have the utmost respect for the military.

The Maiden Voyage: Like the story listed above, I'm a little hesitant about releasing this. This same feeling is what kept me from making it back around the anniversary of Titanic's voyage. The last thing I want to do is release a story that would have some mature moments and be disrespecting all of those who died. But yet like the topic for the story above, I am very passionate about this topic and it only seems right that I do a story about the Titanic considering she is in my profile picture and all over my profile as well.

Cheerilee's story: This story is being planned as we speak. It's kind of a sequel to Trixie's Payment, but it won't be involved with the whole Anon-Dazzlings series that I have going on right now.

My Little Human: A New Life: I've finally begun the process of bringing the highly requested sequel to My Little Human: Rule of the Dazzlings. I'm not saying when you can expect it to be released. But I am hoping that you guys will enjoy reading it when it does come out.

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