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Changeling names! Spoilers! · 7:05am Aug 10th, 2015

ok so far if youve read the last you should know im looking to name two changelings in my story.
thanks to Iron Sky one of the changelings names will be Fluke but thanks to Jyuuma i was shown a place to find bug names and two stood out of the 100s i looked at since her name cant be sirbugsalot :P

they are Anastera or Elarinya i need help picking one so vote for your favorite XD. also if it helps the nickname may or may not be annie or ellie
and yes ive decided that this new changeling will be a queen. a shy adroable queen who gets scared very easily.

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Who or what is Elarinya?

My google-fu is not strong enough to find an entomology related answer.

just a name form the name generator i was given XD

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