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Pony Plush Making · 3:47am Aug 7th, 2015

Over the past two days I've been working on this:

It's going to be a Celestia plush for my mom. She's having surgery soon, and I wanted to do something to cheer her up. I've never made a plush before, with the exception of some crafty snowmen and catnip mice that my Mamaw makes me help her with. Pony plushes are actually quite interesting to make. :derpyderp2:

I started with "top plush's free alicorn pattern " on Deviant Art, and modified it a little for my own use. I've made lots of clothes and costumes using patterns before, but plushes are really difficult in comparison for me. I can sew together a skirt in about two hours, but this Celestia's body, head, horn, and one wing has taken me five hours so far. :fluttershyouch: I'm also working with some "high quality " felt my Mamaw gave me. Its really stiff and not too stretchy. It's actually nice for making a poseable statue type plush.

Despite the time it takes, I plan on making more. I'm going to look at other patterns, and come up with my own. When I make one for myself I'll probably use some type of fleece (Minky) because I prefer squishy huggable plushes. My next project will be making a plush of my ponysona, no matter how long it takes. :pinkiecrazy:

Comments ( 7 )

Wow. You are awesome. :rainbowkiss: That is all.

:twilightsmile: Thank you.

I shall have an update soon on what it looks like now. :trollestia:

Firstly, I am curious as to the size of your Plushie. In this case, size does matter. Making it too small, or too large.

I imagine it is bound to be hader to make a contained plushie, compared with the open design of a skirt.

On the other hoof; if itis worth making, it is worth making right. As in quality.

do you have a link to the paterns you found at the DA? Much of the details are in the image there, isn't it?

Sounds like a fun and exciting project. I hope you manage to complet the Celestia Plushie in time for her to be hugged at the Hospital too.


Hmm. I don't have it with me right now, but size from hoof to head not including the horn is about halfway between the height of the Chinese knock-off Luna guard and the pillow style Twilight and Dash in the picture. Almost as tall as a Build-a-Bear one, but way skinnier because alicorn proportions. If I had to guess I'd say somewhere in the 15 inch tall range.

The pattern can be found here. I resized it to my liking. Also, after this picture was taken, I deconstructed the legs and changed the pattern slightly because they were bowing out really far. It is of my opinion that the inner leg pieces caused the bowing because shortening them seemed to fix it.

My mom's surgery was one of those all in one day things, it went well. I'll post what I have finished so far in my next blog. But, the "bald-lestia" was waiting for her when she got home. She was very happy with it. I'm going to finish it for her on my next break from college.

3349501 Oh, 10 inches(itches) *giggles*
Guess I get an idea of how large she is(or I would beed o see all these?)

Since the link still is active, I managed to find the page at the DA *giggles*
From the description it seems to be a nice guy. We need more like him.
Although I have the impression that they are over-represented here at the FiM?
I guess I shouldn't complain. Maybe we need to make our own colony, where we can continue unbothered and untainted?

The "All went well" would be part of the "One day" part? If it had not gone as well, it would have taken considerably longer.
Nice to hear that it went well, too. Sucks when it goes out the window.
The fact that it did not take longer is great too.
Bald-lestia, how many versions of her are out there?
She is the bright, white hue from the image, I see.
Did she have her mark by the day? or is that also for later?
I hope she was rising the sun for her from the first day, like she is known to do for Equestria.

I wasn't aware top plush was on fim?

And yeah, this was as far as she was when my mom came home.

I just say bald- lestia because she is bald. I haven't finished her mane yet. And yeah she's made of a really white felt.

3350033 Apparently, now we do.
We already help oneanother with much everything else already.
this site hosting the stories, the DA hosting images, the Tubie hosting the clippies.
There may be yet more sites I have missed?
There is a group where one can get help with problems here, if a Pony ever does need it.

Ah. Crafting takes time, just like writing storis. I imagine it took you some time, just to gather all required resourses, before you could even get started. Picking up fabric, thread and finding the pattern and all that.

With the dedication we sare, I guess it is inevitable to see some of us making our very own Plushies?

Ah, Celestia will be most pleast to know she will sprout a tail and mane, I imagine.
There was this expression about another version of a Celestia doll, where she was pink, kind of like Pinkie Pie, she was hence forth known as Pink-lestia.
Felt feels like a convenient fabric to work with.
There are a few more details for you to grant her, when you get to it.
From the image, she needs eyes and boots as well.

The only Plushies I have are the mane six and Octavia *giggles*
Otherwise I have managed to get a few others, including the Princesses.

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