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    So er...I haven't logged into this for like a year?

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    Edit: Also, holy shit.

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This isn't long enough to be a story. · 12:15am Aug 5th, 2015

But I thought it was a cute idea and wanted to get it down:

Discord snuggled up next to his mate in bed.

That had been a rather lovely expression of physical love, and now they were both trying to catch their breath and basking in the afterglow.

The draconequus conjured up a pipe and starting blowing bubbles through it. "Oh my, Fluttershy" he said. "Really my dear, that was rather wonderful. I think my favourite part was when I was pinned beneath your strong, muscular arm and you told me you were going to ravish me."

The pegasus blushed and ran his hoof along Discord's feathery body. "I enjoyed it too," he said.

Discord rolled over and pulled the pony with him so that Fluttershy was on top of him again.

"I must say, you do make a rather handsome stallion," he said, grinning up at him.

Fluttershy blushed again. "Um, thank you."

"That's not to say your usual female form isn't lovely too," said Discord. "But thank you, Flutter Nutter for letting me express my chaos in bed."

"I enjoyed it," came the soft reply.

Discord placed his eagle claw behind his head and ran his paw over his mate's wings gently.

"Hey, maybe next time I can be a female draconequus?" said Discord. "And you can show me who's boss?"

"Oh...um. Sorry, I'm not really into girls...like that."

Discord cackled. "Not to worry, Shy. We'll do whatever you like next time round".

The pegasus beamed at him.

After all," he said, grinning. "I'm open to anything."

Report Captain Wuzz · 290 views · #blurb #fluttercord
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Comments ( 18 )

Oh my. Why didn't I think of chaos magic during sexytimes?

Well kudos, that was a brilliant blurb

Aw yeah, Bicord! We need more of this, because what's Discord without the D?

D'awww .... :heart::yay:

Omg, it took me a sec but love it! :heart:


lol thank you all.

Though, seriously? Some of your comments are being downvoted? Are there people really that threatened by the fact that a Spirit of Chaos could be Bi? And if so why are they even following me? My version of Discord is always Bi. :rainbowlaugh:

So Discord's pansexual in this, right? Awesome!:pinkiehappy:

3296098 I don't get the down votes either...
Some people just don't like a bit of chaos it seems :trixieshiftleft:


Yes indeed. He's pansexual in all my fics, even when nothing is happening :raritywink:


Maybe they're offended by Fluttershy's willingness to experiment. Though actually, I thought that this was really sweet, in the context of the degree of trust that this implies for Discord.

Ironically, my Fluttershy was always bisexual, though she's more strongly attracted to males.

(I say ironically, because that was the one thing she didn't want to do in your story).


I think Shy could well be bi, but for the purposes of this blurb, I thought it would be funny if she wasn't into the idea of pegging a female draconequus. Discord would be up for anything though lol


Oh, I liked the mini-story just fine. And I thought they were both in character. Discord exuberant, Fluttershy happy but still firmly sticking up for what she wants. My concept of Fluttershy is that she is very good at getting what she wants, often in very subtle ways, by being firm at the right points.


Oh yes, I think she rules him with an iron downy hoof and he's more than happy to oblige for mutual happiness. :twilightsmile:

Now imagining that Fluttershy tells Discord her deepest fantasies and completely shocks him. Trying to think of anything that would shock him but it'd be an amusing premise.


"You want to stick what where? Oh well, it's not exactly a new one on me but I've never done it upside down before."

Pansexual/bisexual Discord FTW. Heck, when you're a spirit of chaos it's not like you really have a predetermined and permanent sex anyway!

Sweet! :rainbowlaugh:

This was so cute! :heart:

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