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    Finally made a new story.

    Discord in the New World

    Basically its the Third Overlord crossover on the site. I mean this Overlord.

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    Yeah I'm about to lose my Fanfiction account

    UPDATE: One of the admins replied to my abuse report email. They're asking for links to everything Blaze has done. I'm compiling a comprehensive list of all of her offences, both against me, and the rest of you. If I manage to pull together enough evidence, she might just get banned.

    They are going to ban me. I asked for help and this time I REALLY NEED IT!

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  • 106 weeks
    I have to cancel

    Yeah my story idea is sadly dead. As I being threatened repeatedly by the band of trolls from fanfiction on so many other sites and apps I just can't. I can't write it, and furthermore I don't think I can write Pokemon ever again... or even play it.

    I just know they are going to attack me here as well and no one's bothering to help. ;~;

    I'm sorry everything is cancelled.

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    Teaser for my new Story

    Wait this can't be true! Me preparing another story on Fimfiction!? Yeah, I am.

    Loki: When are you going to finish my story?

    Bad Loki! *tosses back into the 4th wall* Now then let's go on about what it is going to be with a teaser!

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    Fanfiction Issues

    My friend talks about the issues of Fanfiction Pokemon Community.

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Good Morning · 1:24pm Aug 3rd, 2015

Good morning everyone. Now then I must ask, if I should add anything to my name what would it be?

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Comments ( 7 )

"The" before what you have.

Good morning friend.

I can't think of anything.

A '1337'. Maybe some _xX_s as well, idk.




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