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So Many Fanfic Ideas!! · 2:03am Jul 22nd, 2015

Hello everypony! It's me Pixel Berry and I have a grand idea for another collab and many other fanfics. Even though it's been done in stick figure and sfm animation, I was thinking of a collab fanfic of the same idea, only with you wonderful writers out here. I know I tried with "Vocaloid in Equestria", but I have a feeling that people will be more commited since its the summer and most of you guys write more on this sight with school out of the way and maybe work not taking that much of your time.

Another idea I came up with was a small fanfic on me personally jumping through different fanfic dimensions. Of course I'll ask the writers themselves first before making a chapter around being in there world. I will of course ask my closest of friends first before any other writers that I liked there book that much. They might take awhile since each chapter will be my day on that certain dimensions, and I'll ask for certain plans or ideas that the original creator would like me to do. And I'll give all credit to there wonderful stories. I just hope that most of them would be okay with this idea.

And one last fanfic plan I have is based on a completed fanfic "Gravity of the Situation" by my BBBFF, DJSkywalker. I truly loved it, it brought me to tears and hope he makes more like that(but I didn't like the inclusion of death in it that much). And due to the 'reason' why the protagonist was brought in Equestria, that gave me the idea of a similar fanfic around that, it being a somewhat crossover.

In conclusion, I hope that you will like these small plans for fanfics I thought of. All of them aren't official since they are small ideas and I'm not even sure I might commit to these plans. I just wanted to let you ponies know before I make them and cancel them after I lose the motivation to continue. So, until then, see ya!

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Comments ( 5 )

As always, I'd love to help!

and... on the vocaloid in equestria, I was planning on releasing the sequel (or a sequel). I have the first chapter still being written, nearing completion, then I just need to get the cover drawn and I should be set to post it. I just thought I should mention it because it is a major collaboration we did. the first one, that is.

3259098 Okay! Thanks for letting me know. I was a bit worried that we all given up on the fanfic.

no, it's just that, surprisingly enough, my writing kind of wanes during the summer. where as while school is going i write a lot. I have had most of it written for a while and the first chapter is nearly done.

3259108 That's the same with me, only it happens when I'm not near a computer or no wifi. Also with drawing when I have tons of inspiration at the wrong time.

I personally think #2 is an EXELENT idea, I'd love to see a single point of view go through multiple stories with a consistent reaction, I love it! I wish you the best, and look forward to anything you might do! :scootangel:

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