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Spazzy Jamz

I'm a 22 year old musician from Jackson, Ohio. I like to read, write, and play video games in my spare time. I'm happily taken. Short and sweet.

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Holy shit... · 10:03pm Jul 21st, 2015

Hey guys. You all probably assumed I was dead. Truth is, I had completely forgotten about all this. I got so wrapped up in life that I had forgotten about being a writer and, even worse, I had forgotten about you, my supporters.

I'd like to first apologize deeply and sincerely. I finally found my login info and come back to all these wall posts from you, and it honestly crushed me. What I thought was a little side game turned into something I couldn't ever imagine. You guys have been waiting for me for years. And I understand that most of you probably left. I have nothing against you, for I would have done the same.

To those of you reading this, thank you so much. Honestly, I had just checked my email today and saw a PM from Die Pie WiM about my story, "My Little House Guests". Had I not read that, I would not be typing this. Thank you, reader, for your kind words.

All in all, I'm back from the dead. As a phantom, currently, whereas I have no computer anymore. But I plan to get one soon and when I do, I'll do my absolute damnest to make you guys proud again. After all this time, it's the absolute least you deserve.

Thank you so much, you guys.

Much love,
~Spazzy Jamz

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I gave a spit take when I saw this blog.
You're alive

I'm still here alive and well, though allot has changed since you were here last...

3258468 :twilightblush: Yeah, I'm sorry for leaving y'all hanging.

3258471 What all has gone down? I saw where I was plagiarized.

You missed a hell of a lot while you were gone.

3258485 I imagine I have. I'm truly sorry and I hope I can make it up to you guys by writing more once I have a computer. Doing all this on my phone.

3258482 great authors have come and gone, new site rules, I've spent way to much time reading fanfiction, the show has gone through a couple seasons so adding in new characters and plot lines have added new avenues to write about... you have allot of catching up to do.

Well it will make it all that much sweeter when you do get a new computer.

3258552 Well, the sooner I get a new computer, the sooner I can start!:moustache:

3258556 shouldn't be long. Planning on doing a rent-to-own deal.

3258561 buying or building? laptop or desktop?

Dude, I'm sweating right now. I hoped for this, but I never expected it. Very little comes to mind when I think of something adequate to say, so I'll say the obvious, overplayed thing.
Welcome back, dude. We all missed you. Pull up a chair, have a seat, tell us about your day. Stay awhile!

Welcome back! :yay:

3259186 You're too kind! :twilightblush: I missed you guys, too. I'm currently getting ready to head for work, but I'll make another blog post later explaining what's been going on with me. And with any luck, I'll stay for as long as humanly possible :pinkiehappy:

3259508 Thank you! Its great to be back!

That wasn't yesterday.

Just... Welcome back, it's nice seeing you around again!

3259739 Thank you :pinkiesmile: Hopefully you guys will be seeing me around a lot more often.

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