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I'm a 22 year old musician from Jackson, Ohio. I like to read, write, and play video games in my spare time. I'm happily taken. Short and sweet.

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This is a side-story to "Making Adjustments"

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo have just returned to the clubhouse after their horrid run-in with Swift Gleam. As the three begin to recall the events, they start centering their thoughts around one of their rescuers, Spike, until they all get it in their heads that Spike is their dream dragon. Of course, three young mares can't share a dragon between themselves, so they make a game of it: First pony to get a kiss from Spike, wins the dragon.

However, what starts out as a silly game quickly turns into a fierce competition to win Spike's heart, and the poor lad is caught in the crossfire. Who among the Cutie Mark Crusaders will emerge victorious? Is there someone else in on the game as well? Does Spike get a say in any of this at all?

Run, little buddy, run.

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This story is a sequel to My Little House Guests

After the events in "My Little House Guests", Tristan Shay wakes up in Equestria, where he is overjoyed to be reunited with the one he loves and the friends that changed his life. Now his life really changes when he immediately makes the discovery that he no longer has opposable thumbs. Or clothes, for that matter. And there's some weird thing in the middle of his head. A horn? Seriously?

Tristan has a lot of figuring out to do now that he's become a pony, like how to deal with not having fingers. And how to walk on all fours and use that nifty little thing on his head. And whose idea was it to all of the sudden rip Tristan out of his world and throw him into theirs?

At least he's still got that flowing head of hair going for him.

Major thanks to Nerom_Fencer for the cover pic!

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If it can go wrong, it's happened to Tristan Shay.

After his mother dies due to illness, the friendless, twenty-two year-old college dropout is forced to live on his own in an old house he's renting just outside of the city. One day, he receives a scroll in the mail from someone who calls their self "Princess Celestia", saying something about seven guests who will be taking a month long field trip to "his" world. This has to be the weirdest prank mail he's ever gotten...

Very first story ever. No sad rating due to only a few paragraphs of sad stuff that comes later in the story and the Teen rating is for light sexual content and possible flirting/shipping. Constructive criticism is always welcome :)

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