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What to look forward too. · 2:33am Jul 19th, 2015

Alright I have a few ideas for different stories as you all may or may not know and with my first story finally done I figured I'd let you all get the most basic parts of some of my story ideas or in reality just the genre and basic problem and a possible title (Please if you got a better one for one of these let me know). This is also so I don't forget the story ideas as I tend to do so please if you don't like an idea or do like it let me know so I have a way of knowing what to write first. Normally I'd say hope to make this worth your time but this isn't a story so I hope to make these stories worth your time. SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT

A Family business: I'm keeping this one mostly under wraps until I write at least five stories so I have a better understanding of how to write these for your enjoyment but I'll tell you the main characters are scootaloo and a Minotaur, but that's all you get, for now :rainbowwild:
status: not started

I'm famous? WHAT!: The basic genre will be another adventure story for you all as it was last time it's a HIE except our hero's arrival will be a bit more willing. Only part of the story I will reveal is that there's a reverse fandom where it's ponies that watch a human T.V show (I don't see this concept to often so if there are any stories with this out there let me know) anyway how will this be an adventure you ask well that's for you to find out through reading it later.
status: I'm working on it (slowly)

The Other Button: This will be a slice of life story featuring a human trapped in a colt's body who in a series of events ends up living with button mash's family, but that doesn't mean there wont be problems he is human after all.
status: In progress

Choosing your path: This story can lead down multiple paths but that isn't my choice in this story that will be yours because you will vote on not only the hero (or villian) but also how they will develop throughout the story as well as choosing their base personality. (Morality however is set for certain character unless their is an overwhelming vote otherwise) This is another story I'm putting on hold for awhile until I have a few more stories as well as people voting this is a user driven story after all. (nearly forgot HIE)
status: not started

It's an animal/ It's a person(another story with a title I don't like but no other ideas for it): In case you haven't realized only one of these hasn't been an HIE except that one that is being kept secret and this one is not the exception as it will follow not the human, but Fluttershy who will probably panic upon realizing it's as intelligent as a pony.
status not started

I prefer the term freedom fighter: The sequel to I prefer the term freelancer for those of you that wanted it, and also as a hope you like this one better to those that didn't. Obviously this will have the same tags as the original but hopefully it's going to be a better story as I will attempt to make this longer (I will not update daily though, my apologies). Anyway basic premise Isaac and company go into an alternate equestria, why read it. Why should you, because you want to.
status: Hiatus

Equestria's next generation:( any better titles would be nice) Yet another HIE because why not. This story will be in ponyville, however the main character wont be chilling with the main six but rather their kids. This is going to be fun to write since it's going to include Eris yay.( What she's awsome) Anyway this will be a slice of life story for you all to enjoy.
status: not started (Possibility of being next)

Family of Friends: HIE of course. four friends are transported to equestria, but there is a problem with that. One is an anti-brony, two don't care either way, and our main character is a closet brony. How will this play out all depends on how I write it, but it will mostly be a slice of life fic.
status: not started (One that I'm probably going to do next )

The rest I don't remember currently that's why I was writing them down here after all so anyway please let me know what you think of these ideas if you read them and tell me if any have been done before so I can read them and NOT follow the exact same story ( I don't want to be accused of plagiarist after all). As always please enjoy what I write and if you don't tell e what I did wrong or what you'd prefer so that I can try to give you something better next time.

ps.OH, I nearly forgot that story that involves voting for the hero/ villain thing. If you guys wouldn't mind telling me an Human turned pony OC of yours (we all know you have one) that I may use in the story as well as what the first thing you'd do in equestrian would be, think big everyone! If your wondering why It's for the intro chapter of the story and I figured I'd go ahead and get some of the early ideas ready.

PPs. This blog will be updated periodically whenever I come up with new ideas or scrap old ones. When I finish a story it will stay here for one week before I remove it from the blog so I don't overflow it with words.

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You could create a new story and never publish it and where you just use it for notes on stories you want to write, that's what I did.

That would make things easier, but I still like having them here so people can pick what they want me to write next.

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