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Funny Martial Arts Time! · 9:10pm Jul 18th, 2015

Two parter video. Me and my brother were putzing around developing bits and pieces of the martial arts in Path of Blood [what Chains of Fate is based around] since it's raining bad outside. Something funny came up, and I decided that I'd turn on the camcorder for my first Youtube video. I hope y'all enjoy them.



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Comments ( 2 )


A martial art based entirely on Mortal Kombat fatalities...good grief...


:rainbowlaugh: Yep, you have to admit, on one hand it'd be fun to do that, but on the other. It'd really, really, really suck to fight them.

Oh, and the other martial arts styles even more elegant in their brutality. And while deeply philosophical (well other than the Meijin who are all about efficiency and utility over art and philosophy) are all about utterly destroying monsters and your opponents in the most economic fashion possible (in the edicts of their Elemental Shrine's teachings). The Tsuyaga's were just lucky enough to spend generations honing the art of "messing a person up" (aka. Mortal Kombat Fatality based martial arts.).

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