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Wow. Visiting this site again was like going back to my old neopets page. So much nostalgia.

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Drawing Practice · 7:57am Jul 10th, 2015

While trying to make a new board game to sell because I want money coming in indefinitely while I work on other inventions, something profound came to my attention...

I suck at drawing.

Well, maybe I don't suck, but I don't quite have the skill required to draw all the graphics for a board game yet.

And so, I begin my practice. It'll be a while before I perfect my board game ideas, so that gives me time to hone my skills. If only drawing practice didn't imply just copying everyday things down on paper.

I mean, look at this completely ordinary ball of fur:

And then there's this frog I passed by while I was riding my bike:

I don't think it wanted me to take it's picture, but it doesn't get rights. It decided to be born a frog.

Lastly, Pinkie was having another one of her "episodes", but I suppose that's not a daily occurrence:

Oh yeah, I got a new fic coming up. I just gotta wait until I can find a good pre-reader/editor.

I will be continuing "The Elements of a Good Joke", but right now my life doesn't seem very funny, unfortunately.

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Comments ( 5 )

pretty good. I have to think out hard on what I create like this one.



It takes practice and good tutorials to improve. Cousin It's bowl hat is probably the best drawing I've done in a while, and I wouldn't have been able to draw anywhere near that well if I hadn't looked up tutorials on shading flat surfaces (it was actually on drawing rocks, but that had a lot to do with it).

3225098 ah. Pretty good. I often take requests as well because lack of ideas.

As a tip. Don't try and 'drag' your lines.I know it seems counter productive, but trying to make single neat lines with a pencil just makes the pic looks wonky. A light touch and thin, loose, sketchy lines are your friend.


Wait, do you mean for the outlines?

I usually try to draw in stokes, but I might try to trace lines when I'm copying cartoons or when I'm impatient. I'll try only using small strokes next time.

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