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    :twilightsheepish:heheh....sorry the Chapter is taking a while to form in my head and I need to plan.....man I really need to plan ahead of time....:facehoof:

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    cross those Fingers Brothers and sisters !

    I just submitted my story!

    I think this might work to!:pinkiecrazy:
    the characters in the story

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cross those Fingers Brothers and sisters ! · 2:27am Jul 4th, 2015

I just submitted my story!

I think this might work to!:pinkiecrazy:
the characters in the story

......I couldn't find a kid pic of Raiden......aaah oh well.

and theres Raven!:ajsmug:

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Well, you can count on a crossover from Max if it does!:pinkiehappy:

I hope this story works out for the best!

3204279 .....

Andy:.....should I worry about this..?

if show max how you old you are right off the bat you should be fine..(...maybe)

3204288 Don't worry, I'll keep it PG.

.... Mostly. Just keep in mind she's currently engaged to Lance and hasn't asked him if she can sleep around. Yet.

3204282 Thanks for helping!

3204293 Hehe my story's rated M so keep in to make a lot of jokes!(if you know what mean...there is some blood and death..)

3204297 No problem! It was my pleasure.

I wish you luck tell me if you want to suggest a crossover as well. Warning powerful robot that can mimic anything less than Gods and metas, yet has some form of honor. Plus, Harmony/Tikal with more in touch with laughter.

I will favorite these Wolf stories dude. It's a similar vibe to familiar of zero which is to screw the original story line while keep up priorities.

3204459 .....hehe Wolf is in the story.....but his not the main character ...:twilightblush:

Oh my don't tell me I will try to find out unless it's raiden and raven story I remember or was it someone else. But I will read it regardless so good luck bro.

3204470 Hehe Spot on!Both are young in age

And a bet Loco>>3204470

Now I remember you did describe it to me.

Man that was a funny conversation.

3204651 yeah it was fun huh

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