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LOVES his friends ,likes mlp,bayblade,loz,TMNT,pokemon,ect!

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  • 284 weeks
    help me plz

    any one knows some little "ponys" I can "play" with? I got a major rager right now.

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  • 443 weeks

    :twilightsheepish:heheh....sorry the Chapter is taking a while to form in my head and I need to plan.....man I really need to plan ahead of time....:facehoof:

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  • 457 weeks
    ANY ideas?

    .......sssssoooooooo~ bored!!!!~~~~

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  • 458 weeks
    HAPPY 4 OF JALY!!!!!

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  • 458 weeks
    cross those Fingers Brothers and sisters !

    I just submitted my story!

    I think this might work to!:pinkiecrazy:
    the characters in the story

    Read More

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ANY ideas? · 11:26pm Jul 8th, 2015

.......sssssoooooooo~ bored!!!!~~~~

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Help me get back on the skype channel for PaP? The so called "link" Starscribe "wrote" doesn't work.

Sup hi have you seen the new markiplier videos

Well the it's a whack your neighbour which felt extra bloody than some of the others

3221243 hehe ...want to do a crossover?.....if ya don't have some thing better to do.....

Not yet I haven't made a token or reach the point my character has the sonic skills. Plus I have no idea how to start it.

3221256 hmmmm( i think i have an Idea!)oh! andy already knew about and made a token A 1000 years ago!:pinkiesmile:

Oh right PM me the idea. I can send at least some info of him, if you need it.

What's this about a token? and a thousand years ago? This isn't going to be another one of those 'sealed away for a thousand years' evils now is it?

3229056 he was sealed in stone because of how many life's he told in the war ...he fought for the pony's but was sealed away because how deadly he was.....

3229056 I'm stuck using a phone so I won't be able to write for awhile.

3229152 a character in my only story........

3229165 Oh sorry! I was confused because of the comment, I though that you were coming up for an idea for a new crossover and because I'm writing my own crossover myself I though that I might help.

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