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Ten Things You Should Never Do · 2:13am Mar 1st, 2015

(From Experience)

1. Don't put metal in the microwave

2. Riding in a wagon into a ditch is not a good idea

3. Never mix up Star Wars and Star Trek

4. Don't try to be smart when you don't know what your saying

5. Don't have an all-cheese diet

6. Never eat strange looking jellybeans

7. Don't trust quiet people

8. Never trust a bunny

9. Don't annoy people with karaoke or they will hurt you

10. Don't let anyone look over your shoulder when your on the internet

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But I'm usually quiet...
It's so annoying when people look over my shoulder at my screen

2. Riding in a wagon into a ditch is not a good idea

What happened to fun?

7. Don't trust quiet people

So you hate me and telling my friends not to trust me jus cause I'm quiet? Stop being quiet-ist!

8. Never trust a bunny

Well the quiet bunny in a teacup has arrived.

Well I start to wonder why no one can trust a rabbit:rainbowhuh:

"I'm quiet." pouted Locks key. "I will get you."
n umber one sould be

NEVER EVER EVER EVER TRUST DIAMOND TIARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, metal in the microwave. :rainbowlaugh: I don't blame you, I recentlyish put my leftover Arby's burger in the microwave, foil and all, and within a second we had fireworks. :rainbowderp:

2839156 Aww, adorable avatar. :twilightsmile:

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