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  • 463 weeks
    I'm not dead, just quite lost

    I'm writing this blog for one and only one reason... Well, perhaps more then one, but one important reason... A reason I will let a character inform you of...

    "Why in the blue blazes did you have to pick me to perform this task! This is peasants work!"

    Now Blueblood what did I tell you before?

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    Information on why there are no new chapter

    Hello Readers,

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  • 488 weeks
    Okay, actually updated this time

    Hello All,

    Apparently the system doesn't like me because it didn't post the update when I published it. This time it actually is published.

    Your embarrassed author,


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  • 488 weeks
    Luna's Student New Chapter

    Hello Readers,

    I'm sorry that it took so long, but the next chapter of Luna's Student is up and ready to be read. Hope you like it.

    Your humble author,


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  • 489 weeks
    Sorry, new chapters are going to take a little longer

    Dear Readers,
    I’m sorry to say that life got really busy this week and I didn’t get much of a chance to write. As such, I don’t have a new chapter this week. With any luck the next chapter for Luna’s Student should be out next week and the next chapter for A Doll’s Life for Me the week after.
    Hope you all are enjoying the stories so far.
    Your humble Writer,

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New Story · 2:18pm Jul 5th, 2012

Dear Wonderful Readers,

Well my new story is going through the vetting process as I write this, so with any luck it will be posted later today. While it may have only been a little less than a week since I gave word of it, it feels like quite a bit longer. It's simply gone through a lot rewriting, so I'm hopeful people will actually enjoy it. I'll send another one of these out when it actually posted, but for now I hope you are enjoying your summer.

This is MyWorld93 signing out.

Disclaimer: Hey don't forget about me!

This isn't a story, you don't need to tell the reader anything.

Disclaimer: Can I do it anyway? I enjoy it.

Sure, why not.

Disclaimer: YAY! MyWorld93 doesn't own any anything from the MLP Universe, Galaxy Angel Universe, or anything else that is copyrighted. He does, however, hold the right to his original characters.

Good job.

This is MyWorld93 and the Disclaimer signing off.

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Comments ( 5 )

New story?:rainbowderp: I shall check it out. Even though I really need to finish the next update to Fallout Equestria: Operation 6011.

wait... DID YOU JUST SAY GALAXY ANGELS UNIVERSE?!?!?!? YOU MEAN LIKE A CROSSOVER BETWEEN THE TWO?!?!?! :pinkiegasp::pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:


Sadly no, I keep trying to do that, but this story is the closest I can get for the moment. At some point I may manage it though. I just like using the Galaxy Angels to do my disclaimers.

oh, i see, i feel silly now :twilightblush:

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