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  • 463 weeks
    I'm not dead, just quite lost

    I'm writing this blog for one and only one reason... Well, perhaps more then one, but one important reason... A reason I will let a character inform you of...

    "Why in the blue blazes did you have to pick me to perform this task! This is peasants work!"

    Now Blueblood what did I tell you before?

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  • 487 weeks
    Information on why there are no new chapter

    Hello Readers,

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  • 488 weeks
    Okay, actually updated this time

    Hello All,

    Apparently the system doesn't like me because it didn't post the update when I published it. This time it actually is published.

    Your embarrassed author,


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  • 488 weeks
    Luna's Student New Chapter

    Hello Readers,

    I'm sorry that it took so long, but the next chapter of Luna's Student is up and ready to be read. Hope you like it.

    Your humble author,


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  • 489 weeks
    Sorry, new chapters are going to take a little longer

    Dear Readers,
    I’m sorry to say that life got really busy this week and I didn’t get much of a chance to write. As such, I don’t have a new chapter this week. With any luck the next chapter for Luna’s Student should be out next week and the next chapter for A Doll’s Life for Me the week after.
    Hope you all are enjoying the stories so far.
    Your humble Writer,

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Information on why there are no new chapter · 5:50pm Jul 30th, 2012

Hello Readers,

A quick update on what's going on with the stories. At the moment, I'm getting writer's block on both of the stories that I have posted, neither one wants to be written. To that end, I'm currently writing a third story to see if I can break that block. With any luck, at least one of the two stories will have an update ready by the second week of august. If not, you should at least get a brand new story to take a read through.

Here's hoping I can get something done at least.

Your humble, and rather tired of writer's block, writer,

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Comments ( 4 )

As long as there's no mind-rape involved, I'm okay with another story.
Good luck with it. :twilightsmile:


Nope no mind rape. It's something quite far from mind rape...

the block ... now i have it i don't know what to say?


You have it to? That's too bad.

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