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Jackpot 2 · 3:08pm Jun 24th, 2012

Okay, I'm comfortable saying this now: the thing I'm working on with Ring and KillJoy is a rewrite of Three of Me: School Society. KJ wanted to rewrite it anyway, appreciated my critical input on the original, and extended the offer to me. My greatest contribution has been to plot development; I took existing story arcs from the original, as well as new ones we came up with during planning, and meshed them into a linear narrative rather than the random-event thing the original had going for it. I'm also proofreading chapters of 3oM:SS before they hit FIMFiction, which I'm not AS excited about.

But the point of this blog is to announce that I've done it again.

Kickass222urmom, writer of Living the Dream (a story I'm REALLY not a fan of), has begun work on an extensive rewrite of that. He's enlisted my help with it, as well as KJ's and Ring's. This time we needed new characters rather than importing existing ones from the original, and that worked out far better than I expected it to. Hell, just the act of naming one of them helped us map out most of what'll probably be the climax of the story. And speaking of that, I managed to weave together most of what we had, in a way that would make relevant a character we nearly wrote completely out.

...I did that for an hour and a half after everyone else left the doc. I'm very enthusiastic and excited about this coming story. I still need to show Kickass the fruits of my labor; since it's his story, it's his job to know about and see everything the other three of us do in relation to it. But it's exciting to see it coming together so well, and I have confidence that it'll be fucking epic.

Did I mention excitement? EXCITEMENT!

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