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    It's hard to admit, but what essentially happened was that I dropped out of the fandom. Didn't watch the show, didn't go on Equestria Daily, and didn't really browse FIMfiction. Didn't really write either.


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The Tutelary Spirit universe: how this all started · 2:00am Nov 17th, 2014

Considering the massive influx of watchers that I have just attained, I thought that it'd only be right that I give a little something back.

So here's me rambling on about something for your (supposed) entertainment.

How this all started:

Long ago, back in Season 3, a certain beloved and lavender unicorn had suddenly transformed into a lavender alicorn and became a princess.

This caused some... uproar among the fanon, to say the least. Many were all for the idea, while many were against it. Shots were fired, families were split apart, and a nation was divided; you know, the usual fandom melodrama.

Luckily for all of us, the Northern, Union, Yankee, "We're all for Twilight being an alicorn and a princess" side of the fandom won the civil war with the support of the writers of the show, who bombarded the dissenting South with various episodes that showed their favorite unicorn was still the same nerdy librarian that we all loved. This kept the nation-fandom whole, while also putting more importance in the federal government over the various state governments.

...or some such nonsense.

Point is, during this time of quarrels, there were a few arguments that particularly caught my eye, which I shall summarize here:

Supporters of immortal, alicorn, Princess Twilight with immortal, alicorn, princess friends Vs. supporters of mortal, alicorn, Princess Twilight with mortal, non-alicorn, not-princess friends.

The former wanted to see their favorite characters grow, develop, ascend and become more important in the setting. The latter disagreed, they saw alicornism and princesshood as something that threatened their favorite characters' personality and individualism, and a move away from the slice-of-life feel the show exhumed; not to mention the inevitable angst the immortality trope would bring up.

In my hot-blooded youth, I had sided with the former wholly, because I always liked the idea of characters growing and developing, but, as I aged and matured, I let the latter's arguments pierce my ears, to which upon I saw their points.

So, the greedy self that I am, I thought: "How do I have my cake and eat it too?" To which, after realizing that by eating the cake I still technically 'had' it for the limited time it would be in my digestive system, I moved onto the question of how I could create a fic that lived up to the former group's expectations without falling prey to the downsides that the latter group brought up.

I was then struck in the head by inspiration, and, after waking up from a week-long coma by said struck, I found that I had written and submitted a horribly unedited fanfic that relatively captured the idea I was going for. When I was done being abused by my inner critic as I edited this fic, I sought out to write the rest of the Tutelary Spirit universe as an apology to the literary genre for what I had wrought.

And that's how the Tutelary Spirit universe was made.

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Personally, I always was a fan of Alicorn Twilight. What I was not a fan of, however, was all the angsty, drama loaded fics that focused on Twilight outliving her friends and spending eternity either trying to re-incarnate them, or going crazy and evil from the loneliness. My personal headcanon was that due to their connection with the Elements, the Bearers would be granted greatly extended lifespans. Even if they weren't immortal (which is also possible) they would at least have around 500 years to spend together.

I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you for these gems of stories. I love this headcanon, and can't wait to see the rest of the Elements!

I'm sorry whateverdudezb I have rambled again....I think this is slightly redundant to what I said in my later-mentioned comment, hopefully this wont be an eyesore.
Well, I Just finished Lessons Learned from Loyalty and, as I said in an obnoxiously long comment that was posted maybe 5 minutes ago, the idea is solid. I like where it seems to be going with the Main 6 now being the Element of Harmony that they once simply represented and living as a guiding spirit of sorts. Lessons from Loyalty had a very realistic situation that Bourbon had to overcome, and I like how you approached it and resolved it. Not having Rainbow simply swoop down and save the day, but rather she made him have to face his trial, and you effectively portrayed what I would suspect to be many peoples' resulting anguish from their expectations not being met, by whom they perceived to be an almighty never-failing deity. To me, this was a truly wonderful story and while I had some ideas for stories (they're semi-dark themed and also not yet published), you have given me further inspiration and I thank you for that. sort-of random note here: Tutelary Spirit has a nice ring to it and brings a note of sadness to it when I think about it. I do wonder about Rainbow's full feelings about her/her friends form of immortality. It sounds like she finds it nice but, she usually seems to be sad about it. Also how long do they stay dead for in between points of mortality? (that could explain that sadness part: separation from other loved ones in Paradise)
Not sure if this is official, but I recall hearing from somewhere that in the show's canon, Twilight and her friends will not be immortal.

funny I said that the comment was posted 5 minutes ago and by the time I finish typing, your response to that comment is 26 minutes old....again I apologize:twilightblush:


I'm really enjoying your comments as I've always liked long, detailed comments that were mixed with praise. Thank you for that, by the way. Anyways, the length of their time in Paradise is brought to light in Truth Earned from Honesty. Rainbow Dash does find immortality nice, she just gets a little melancholy from time to time with the pedestal she's been placed on, not to mention a little nostalgic for her first 'simpler' life. All in all though, she does greatly enjoy her current life.

2602017 You're welcome. I believe that it's important for authors to receive feedback from their viewers in the form of constructive criticism and/or praise. I am planning on reading Truth Earned from Honesty tomorrow, (it's 1:35 a.m. where i'm at) so thanks for the explanation. I'm looking forward to reading more of your works :D

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