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  • 354 weeks
    Still Canceled

    But I'm not dead.

    In regards to Smile Wide, here's a snipped comment-reply (since I don't know who's going to see it, even with the tag):

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  • 395 weeks
    Hey, to my few Watchers

    A psuedo-reward to the people who bother to watch my author-stuff/care to pay attention.

    Advance notice! I'm halfway done with a new chapter of Smile Wide and should get it out in the next couple days.

    Part two of the reward - an explanation for the haiatus/weird update 'schedule'. My creative process runs about like this:

    *Come up with new idea; love it*

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    Cover art?

    I'd been considering it for awhile, but having it pointed out to me bumped it up the priority list.

    My story needs cover art.

    The problem, I find, is that there really isn't a lot of art out there that I can really settle for. Just something simple, but still fitting. After some time, I narrowed it down to two possibilities.

    Option A)

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Still Canceled · 5:42am Oct 17th, 2014

But I'm not dead.

In regards to Smile Wide, here's a snipped comment-reply (since I don't know who's going to see it, even with the tag):

This story? Yeah, it's pretty much dead. Unless by some miracle I get inspired enough to go in and fix some of the more blatant issues and then write the rest of it without trailing off again, then maybe it'll come back. As it is, I'll be lucky to find the motivation, at some undetermined time, to put together an outline of some of what might have happened. I dunno.

For what it's worth, I'm sorry about that, because I know some people enjoyed it. And I know very well how much it can suck to find and enjoy a deadfic. I'd offer a more thorough explanation, but I have no interest in bitching about personal problems.

That's the end of it. No questions will be answered. Don't harp at me about it, please.

As to why I'm posting this thing? I've got a new project There won't be anything serious, or complex storylines. Hopefully that'll minimize disappointment when I inevitably take months to update.

Still, it's a thing. And if you enjoy my other work, and don't mind relatively lighthearted material, give it a shot. Just don't take it seriously.

Here's to blind optimism and sleep-deprivation-induced inspiration.

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So no hints at what the new project is or when it will come out?


Good point. Prologue is up, so I'll edit a link into the post. Or something.

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