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Guess who has two thumbs and Post-Finale Depression · 3:42pm Sep 15th, 2014





Following the Series Finale of Breaking Bad I suddenly have the urge to go drown my sorrows in several tubs of icecream.

Something I'll be doing following One-Shotober, supposedly

Anywho, the good news is that my habit of reading the TvTropes page for every work I watch or read means I can still sort of hold onto the series a little longer, and eventually move on to the next show where I get really attached to the characters and then see them die horribly. What do you mean I just described Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead?

Anywho, Coconut, I'll be listening to this:

until I get sick of it and rotate back to all the hit 60's and 70's songs from Guardians of the Galaxy. And in the meantime, I recommend you take a look see over here. Now with 20% more prompts!

Oh, and:

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Comments ( 28 )

I'll feed you my ice cream tubs~.

I fucking hate Jessie.

2456934 I can't stand a snitch. He needed to grow up and deal with his own problem himself.

Woo! Marvel is Superior!

Oh, that last pic...talk about it's sad because it's true territory.

And just how is woman with an invisible jet and about three magical artifacts less complicated than, oh, I don't know...


(I know that she has that greek myth thing and that can be a money hog, but you don't need to have every superhero movie be an origin-story, so the point still stands.)

Can't that just say that Wonder-woman is (slightly) less well-known by the general public and thus not as sure an investment? At least that would be honest. :ajbemused:

2456958 His method of dealing with his own problems was trying to burn Walt's house down. He was persuaded by Hank to help him and get Walt arrested instead.

2457001 To be honest I'm always confused when I see Wonder Woman fly. Could she always do that or is that a new thing?


...Eh... :unsuresweetie:

Honestly mostly a silver age guy myself. but I think there was a reboot a few years ago that leaned her more towards the mystical side of her origin.

Guess they might have changed that then, but I'm honestly unsure.

Still, given how iconic her invisible jet is, it would be rather stupid to nix that bit. You might as well have superman going back to just having super strength.

2457029 I'm honestly not that much of a DC fan. Except for Batman, of course. He's Batman.

2457004 Your spoiler broke, you have to put the end there.
Yeah, but he himself hesitated, he was originally intended to die off in the first season or so, so I blame everything on him.

2457127 Not killing off Jesse was probably one of the best happy accidents the show could have. He's a great foil for Walt as the series progresses, because as we see Walt slip further and further into darkness, we see Jesse becoming a far better person, even if it had to take getting screwed approximately 27 ways to Sunday to do it.

2457228 Yeah, he was necessary to change, but something else could have just as easily replaced him. I admit I am glad he stayed along, I'm still just pissy about Walter and blame Jessie.

2457426 What do you blame Jesse for exactly?

2457510 Walter's death and lose of money. If he hadn't went to the authorities, he never would have been caught be those neo-nazis and Walter never would have gone to save him.

2457531 Walt lost his money because he called the neo-nazis and because they're greedy murderers. And he didn't even know that Jesse was still alive when he went to the compound. At best he suspected. He went there to kill the Nazis for killing Hank, stealing his money, and threatening his family.

2457602 Agreed, Walter was an idiot, a smart idiot, and Jessie was a pitiful bitch.

2457851 Walter is a freaking genius. I mean, not just with chemistry, but at the way he pulls off some of his schemes. Blowing up a drug lord using a third party as the triggerman and carrier. Crafting a 'confession' video to bring the cop who's after you down with you. Killing an entire gang of nazis with a machine gun rigged to a turning machine stored in your trunk and activated via remote car lock. Genius. He does however make several very poor choices and handles things wrong due to his pride, so there is that.

And honestly, after what Jesse goes through, I think he's earned some whining rights.

2458401 I was being idiotically vague and abrupt, I apologize, I just don't want to type a lot right now. I agree wholeheartedly with you.

2458406 Is 'k, if the last few blog posts weren't clear, I really like this show.:twilightsheepish:

2458481 Stupid sexy Heisenberg.....:trixieshiftleft:

2458629 troll.me/images/putin-winks/haha-yes-now-you-die.jpg

JK, coconut, I would never hurt you.:raritywink:

I actaully have watched the first ajd second seasons of The Walking Dead and have enjoyed both. But especially Daryl.





Stupid sexy Daryl...:trixieshiftleft:

And thanks to my shipping goggles, I totally see him ending up with Carol.


I will send the angriest letter I can type in under five minutes of one of them dies!:flutterrage:

Unfortunately, the library lacks the third season, so I'm stuck with waiting for the library to get it or getting the money together to buy the season myself.

In the meantime, we got this!

Anywho, the good news is that my habit of reading the TvTropes page for every work I watch or read

I do this too.

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