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What are your expectations as readers? · 7:14pm Sep 12th, 2014

First things first, I by no means will use this for insight on what I should write, so I ask you all to push said thought out of your heads, with a bulldozer if need be.

Every single person is different. It is impossible for everyone to enjoy the same story, no matter how famous it is. Everyone has different interests and desires, making such an attempt at anything universally loved impossible. So I ask the question finally.

What do you look for in a story?

Let me be the first here to explain. I would like to see tension. I cannot enjoy a story without conflict. It might seem vague, so for further explanation, i define tension as a life changing conflict forced apon the characters. The bigger the impact, the more I can become invested. That isn't to say that stories who's central conflict is something silly isn't enjoyable, but I can't get into them.

Man vs. Man
Man vs. Self
Man vs. Nature
Man vs. The Unknown

It is truly enjoyable figuring out what these events do to define the characters and how it changes them, better or worse.

Is conflict your driving force, or do you wish to get something else out of reading. Don't hesitate to tell me or anyone else how you feel.

Finally, if you find this blog interesting, make your own version. Ask your followers what they think? Maybe you will learn something about yourself learning from others.

This is BG saying have a great day!

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Comments ( 2 )

It's always good to have a clear view of what you like and want in something.

Love having conflict in stories. As well as characters being put into situations that make them question themselves and whether or not what they are doing is the right/correct/moral thing to be doing. Can really strain what the authors/readers views of the character are and can help them progress well.

Seeing as how I've loved everything you've done so far I don't think you can screw anything up enough to lose me as a reader, keep up the awesome work and I shall still be here :pinkiehappy:

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