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Sanity is overated anyways.

  • TJokers Wild
    A vacation for a loyal member of the Equestrian Royal Court leaves the Mane 6 pondering about the odd yet enthusiastic man. Why does he always wear that mask, and what are his true intentions that it hides? (Humanized Ponies Warning)
    blowngasket · 85k words  ·  154  9 · 3.3k views

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  • 302 weeks
    New Year, New changes.

    The holidays are stressful, though I doubt you needed me to tell you that. 2015 will start off well though. I am going to get back into a regular posting schedule. I have been lazy, then when I was going to write stuff always comes up, and now I can finally rest easier with everything that needs to be done done. I am not dead, just hibernating. As always, this is BG saying "The show must go on!"

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    What are your expectations as readers?

    First things first, I by no means will use this for insight on what I should write, so I ask you all to push said thought out of your heads, with a bulldozer if need be.

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    Bit of an explanation to my audience

    I would like to, first and foremost, apologize for my lack of regular updates. I am still invested into this series, and want to finish it properly. I am still going to finish it properly.

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    And it is officially up!

    All In

    That is all. Have a great day folks!

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    Preparing to go "All In"

    The final story in the T.E.S.T. saga (I am calling it that unless someone else has a better idea) is almost ready to begin. A big thanks to all who have supported me since the beginning, as well as those that spontaneously appeared somewhere in the middle. This would have been boring without people who were willing to take time out of their busy day. I am honored and privileged for that. Thank

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And it is officially up! · 1:02am Feb 6th, 2014

All In

That is all. Have a great day folks!

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