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    Site! Why You Keep Changing?

    Wow, fimfiction has changed quite a bit since my humble beginning where I first drunkenly stepped through the door and picked up a keyboard. It's been a crazy time reading the writing here and it still captivates me to find such outstanding writers that join together to write about ponies. I can only wish to be half as good a writer as many people here. A mastery of spelling and forming sentences

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    Stupid idiot, what were you thinking taking in this crying, pooping, miserable little mess he thought bitterly to himself. It’s been two days since he found the little mongrel and she wouldn’t stop making noise. Always flailing her hooves around like a fool, either laughing or wailing at the top of her longs. He hadn’t managed to sleep in all that time. I’m hungry she’d cry out in

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    Hello everyone, I guess it's been awhile since last I said anything. My abrupt return was pretty much just a sudden appearance before a disappearance. I put out a chapter, perhaps half-cocked, and went back to lurking in the shadows with the light of the computer monitor illuminating me. Rather melodramatic but hey I'm in one of those moods, and what a mood it is.

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    Dressed in the rags, your wonderful neighborhood tramp Ex Nihilos welcomes you into his humble abode. What was once a wondrous apartment with furniture and wondrous cultural icons like an 'I can haz cheezburgr' posts and an Beatles poster with a coffee stain on the corner now lays barren. A homeless man sleeps in a corner and a condemned sign sits in the meager trashcan.

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    Back from Star Wars Celebration VI

    Got to meet Anthony Daniels, Seth Green, Timothy Zahn, and attended a bunch of writer's seminars.

    Oh also spend my entire life savings on Star Wars stuff but totally worth it!

    And now back to College and writing.

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My emotion, expressed by Rainbow Dash, drawn by Inoeitall · 6:27pm Jun 12th, 2012


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Comments ( 18 )

Whatever your mind wants it to be, my fine sir/madam.

Life. Out of life.

That's right, I'm checking out of it. Gonna go to a bridge and check out of it, kthxbai

See you in Equestria.

170824 (sir =3)


170828 wait just a minute there you top hat monocled derpy look-alike!.

is this a suicide note?

I hope this isnt what i think it is :C

It makes me think... Why is so many people here are so.suicidal?

Uh, Nihl? You okay? want somepony to talk to?

My first guess is that he's jesting..... hopefully. Otherwise we are going to need another top-class author to finish "Rorschach in Equestria", would be a shame if it came to this, I really would appreciate the chance to keep you, Nihilos.

For some, this is the very reason why they watch the show at all. They want to suppress their suicidal thoughts and want to give their life some kind of purpose, a reason to live on, so they watch My little Pony and participate in the fandom. Keeping oneself occupied prevents the thought of taking one's life. Plus, should it nethertheless come that far, this fandom is pretty good at persuading those people to change their mind, it's hard to say goodbye to the world if you know there are still people out there who love you.

One does not simply ragequit out of a hangover.
I assume you were bucked up when you wrote this and not serious, because if you are serious, you have an interesting sense of humor for a depressed person.
If you are serious, please tell someone big enough to restrain you who cares enough to do so, maybe a paramedic or a police officer.

171188 Haku can't get at me for anything, he can stay in his corner.


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