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  • 272 weeks
    Future plans

    As some of you have seen, the next mini-story is up and it's meant to bridge the gap and catch up the story timeline to that of the actual show. I had to mishmash the canon line a little bit, but now I think it's (at least for the moment) synergized.

    Future plans.... Another story is being worked on as we speak and while I want to keep details in the dark, I will give a couple bits of info.

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  • 273 weeks
    Regarding reviews

    You know, I find it almost comical how many people can just spam a dislike button on a story that's gotten tons of good reviews without even reading it or giving a bit of feedback on WHY they don't like it.

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  • 274 weeks
    What really happens now?

    Well... after over 3 years of work.... IYCBEEE is FINALLY complete.

    Final word total: 177,180 in 26 chapters.

    So what are my plans for the future?

    I DO plan on writing more stories for MLP, but I may wait to post material until I'm further into the production process.

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  • 274 weeks
    Reactions to the E.W.R.E.C.

    So it takes me a good 3 years of battling with a LOT of personal issues to get the festival itself up.... and already I've got critics....

    Can you guys at least tell me WHAT is your problem with the chapter so I can work on it? I thought I addressed a LOT of complaints....

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  • 276 weeks
    A legitimate and honest release date

    April 3rd, 2015.

    I am making a TON of progress on the story and I swear that even if it's not 100% done by that date, I will release in an unfinished form the new chapter.

    I know my updates have been few, but I've been dealing with a HELL of a lot of stuff in my real life! Mental problems, drug addictions...

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a slight correction · 8:44pm Aug 16th, 2014

Not a few minutes after my blog post, I looked at the story stats and found out A New Face In Ponyville broke 1,300 readers...


Still ANY story reaching the 4-digit mark in readers is good!

So my pat-on-the-back stands!

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