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Arya Stark

"Swift as a deer. Quiet as a shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Quick as a snake. Calm as still water.”.......... I am Arya Stark. 'Nuff said. ;D

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I CREATE OC's FOR YA! · 4:44pm Jul 26th, 2014

Need help creating the perfect OC for your latest greatest? Have an idea of what you want, but just can't seem to develop your OC the way you imagined?
Simply need a new OC fast?

I'll help ya create one!

From appearance to history, I can be vague to very detailed with your OC, all I need is your general request of what you want or pictured.

So go ahead, don't be shy! Throw your ideas at me, and watch your perfect OC come to life!

Here is an example of one of my OC's


"The sand must have grinded and cleared out the mud and grime, because black hooves peeked out from the sand line. But they clearly weren’t normal hooves; they appeared to be made of some sort of metal material that capped her normal hoof. Snorting in disturbance, Lightning Hoof lifted a hoof, and saw the print in the sand was deeper than her back hooves, and that the tip of the metal was sharp and slightly curved, as if like a claw. Something triggered in her mind, and she knew automatically that they were for rearing and scraping, and that they would help her run faster when her hoof steps fell into the ground.
Looking herself over more thoroughly, Lightning Hoof noted that some of her own wing feathers had been tampered and adjusted with, sliced in such a way that would help her fly through the air faster, and at the base of her wing where it met her shoulder, a small metal cuff was ringed around the ligament. Scrutinizing it, she saw some letters etched in, some sort of code or series that she had no recollection of. "

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Comments ( 26 )

I want an OC of you. :rainbowkiss:

Of ME? or Arya Stark?
If you want of ME, check out my 'Untill Death Do I Sleep', Crim is totally me to the T.
But It shall be done ;) Though I need details on what you want; human? poniefied? How do you picture her? DETALS boy DETAILS! :D

I want an OC of you, not Arya.

You ought to know yourself better than I do; draw how you would visualize yourself as a pony. :pinkiehappy:


Though as I said, I already based a character off me; Crimson Rhody

Have you hand-drawn this OC yet? :duck:

2317922 Uh no...no, I have no drawing skills to speak of. :/

Sorry it's not perfect... this is a quick sketch done in pen, so every line was absolute and I couldn't take long with it (I'm at work, where I'm supposed to be working and there is no such thing as a pencil).
Crimson Rhododendron
Half alicorn, half topiary tree, Crimson Rhododendron (or Crimson Rhod) has always had aspirations similar to those of other ponies, but has always known she's just a little different.

Her dream is to one day bear fruit.

She knows karate and how to cook meat loaf.

If you try to hurt her family, she will smack you with her spiky tree tail.

2317989 Holy shnikies, that is SO not her character! Much more kickass than that! XD

Here is what I made;


Crimson Rhododendron, a self appointed name by her off of her signature quote; "Crimson for the color of the blood I intend to draw from my enemies, and Rhody because it is a mistakenly pretty little flower but lethal and deadly."



2317989 Waddya think? :)

*looks at your user page*
You're not albino!

I took the liberty of drawing your new OC.
I hope she's more your speed. :raritywink:

2318046 Crim is BASED off me, not me completely, ya ditz. XD

And beautiful drawing, ;D

2318046 Is that a little knife on in her hoof? OMG SO CUTE I WANT ONE!

Yeah, that's a knife she's got. :raritywink:

2318068 Its so widdle and cute!

But she has SUCH ANGST for it.

2318086 That widdle knife amuses me to no ends XD :rainbowlaugh:

She couldn't be modeled after you unless she had something that made her sufficiently more tomboyish. :ajsmug:

If I hadn't drawn her holding that knife, she couldn't have been your OC because she wouldn't have been manly enough.

... Knives are manly things, right? :duck:

2318491 You sexist pig. >:(

No. Just no.

Let's break down what you said here.

You sexist pig. >:(


This is a reference to whoever the holder of this account is; depending on if it is used by more than one person (say, if my girlfriend also used my account occasionally for something--she doesn't, but just for the sake of argument), you could also be referring to her, a fellow user of this account. Be careful with your accusations of possession. :raritywink:


The definition of sexist taught to us by society is someone who discriminates based on sex--that is, physical gender. That means they see males and females differently from one another. Are you implying that I should not see women any differently than men? I observe that a woman's body works differently from a man's. I'm fairly certain you acknowledge that men and women are not the same thing. We are all a little sexist, in that sense.

I believe the term you'd be seeking would be something like misogynist, which means they believe that men are naturally superior to women. Something that I would be highly irritated at you for, were you to call me a misogynist. I actually am very supportive of moderate feminism (not radical feminism, seeing as that harms far more than helps).


Actually, humans are an awful lot like pigs. It's almost like accusing me of being human. :twilightsheepish: Why, thank you for realizing that I am genetically similar to a swine; I commend your education on the subject, and feel we should further discuss the similarities between swine and humans!


Now, this doesn't really make sense. As far as I can tell, you're giving a ratio between greater than and the beginning of an independent operation within the same operation. As far as I know, you need a ) to close the independent operation, you have to have numbers to give an indicator of what is greater than what, and you certainly can't give a ratio on a greater than and the start of an independent operation.

This is all, of course, assuming I just turned your statement into a joke to conceal the fact that I was just insulted by a friend, something that hurt and that I thought she knew me better than to accuse me of. :duck:

2318520 Touché.

Just read up on my Bio, you will know I am VERY tomboyish, and that daggers are not just a boys toy....

I blew it out of proportion, my apologies.

You told me upon first meeting. I'm aware of all of this. :twilightsmile: I was just making a joke, and it seems you took it too seriously. I know you throw knives and was trying to make a joke based on that.

Why don't you have more faith in me? :raritydespair:

2318540 Sorry, I was caught up in a moment and didn't sense the joke. It is hard to tell sometimes, especially over the internet. :derpytongue2:

Did you see the pictures I drew?

I thought it was fairly easy to tell if I was joking or not. :derpytongue2: Whenever I feel like talking seriously, I find a serious blog with a serious topic to speak seriously about.

2318567 Right. Well...

Yes, drawings were very awe-inspiring :p

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