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Vocaloid for Hire! · 12:21am Jul 9th, 2014

Hello everypony! Pixel hear and I recently made a new Fic called 'Vocaloid in Equestria' and as you can see in my Author Notes, (If you read the Fic first) that it isn't going to be just me and my brister in the Fic played as Rin and Len. Comment if you want to be included into the Fic itself and what Vocaloid character you want to be transformed as. I know I just did the first chapter yesterday, and it might take some time to make more Vocaloid character's appear, but I'm still working on it and I appreciate it if you fave the Fic itself.

Anywho! I still have many chapters to make and I'll be waiting for your comments on the Fic. Hope you love it as much as I love making it. Pixel OUT!

Comments ( 32 )

I would like to be Luka! Megurine Luka! I love vocaloid, and I'd love to collaborate and possibly write a chapter about how I get involved in this, if I do.:twilightblush:

2271375 Sure! So far your the second person I gathered for this Fic. And I would love to hear how you appeared in Equestria. :3

I can write out my appearance and such. with a little bit more information on what's happening then I can write more. also, who was the first? If it's not too much of an imposition.

2272584 the First one is DJSkywalker726 and he's Kaito

Okay, so... do you just want me to write my appearance? Or, do you wanna add more interaction between vocaloids?

2273218 I want you to tell me how you want to appear in Equestria.

Ill write up all the way till I ever show up in the everfree, ill share it wih you when I have it. Should be soon.

2273614 message it to me. :3

I wanna join! I want to be Kamui!

Kamui? Im not that familiar with her, but is she an utauloid? Crazy otaku is indeed a necessary component.

Oh! Thats kamui! I know him, never mind. Ignore my stupidity.:twilightblush:

2325511 Yep! *Gives thumbs up* This story needs a guy that is absolutely always mistaken for a chick! Needs more confusion!

Btw do i tell you here how i wanna pop up?

2325857 Hello GeekKingAndNerdQueen! I would love for you to join my stoy. And I'm perfectly fine with the character you choose to be, I just want to know if you want me to make the chapter you appear on or if you want to write it yourself. derpystarlet alreay made her chapter, but before anyone can be transported to Equestria, the two characters in the fic right now have to settle in.

well, I only heard the name and thought it was a chick. I don't know why, it just seemed like a female name. and it sounded familiar, now I know why. To be honest though, I don't much care for him.

2326291 probably because its a common name for the male protagonist in shojo manga (female romance) soooo yea,... dont worry....the creators literally had a whole press confrence explaining he was a guy a few years ago XD it was funny

2326222 mmm ill try to make it....only problem is im stuck on my phone....so grammar will be... poor because of 1 small buttons 2 phone lag 3 auto correct is constantly having an 'off day'. I will pm you my cahpter in a day or so. I will leave the characters meeting up to you though. :yay:

2326382 okay then :pinkiehappy: I'll be waiting

2326953 hmmm.......would a couch have any possibility of also being transported? I need to know for the chapter.

2330439 Well, since three of the characters got transported by an Email, I recomend something else that revolves around Discord. So if the couch has something to do with Discord, then yes, you can be transported by a couch. :3

2330674 more like my character answered on his phone so the portal was screwed up....it thought couch comes too.... :facehoof: stupid broken portals lol.

2330696 well, you can make it as random as you want :D

2330736 how should i send it when finished?

2330736 I also wish your story was teen >-< the Madgod cannot make insanity meant for all!

2330753 I can change it if you want me to.

2273549 its your story. But the way you have started it, its already headed XD

2330812 well, maybe as the story goes, I'll have to change it to teen rated :D

2330855 o3o my chapter my be the deciding factor. Lol me and this guy are being total idiots in the comments section of a story called How Did This Happen you should look its hilarious XD

2330861 I'll check it out :3

*Drums fingers on desk for several, highly annoying minutes* Fuck it, I'm in.

2440820 okay! Just PM me :3

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