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Put down the grills for a second and lend me your ears, fellow Americans. · 8:51pm May 25th, 2014

Two warnings before I begin. One, mildly disturbing images await. Two, I do not intend to guilt you into having a terrible day, nor am I criticizing those who have parties on Memorial Day.

Tomorrow is not a day of merriment. It is not a day of joy.

Though people can and do have fun, that is not the purpose of the day, and we can never forget the purpose.

We can’t forget that it is a day of reverence and respect.

A day to be somber in remembrance.

Ordinary people like you and I kissed their loved ones goodbye.

But they didn’t come back.

They died.

They poured their blood, sweat, tears, and eventually, lives into this country—they still do.

Through cold nights and blistering heat, they stood at arms for us.

Died for us.

The least we can do is remember them.

And if you see a veteran, walk up to them. Shake their hand. Thank them. But whatever you do, don’t wish them “Happy Memorial Day.” For it is not a happy day.

It is a day to remember those who died so that we may live.

Have a safe Memorial Day tomorrow, everyone. I know I'll keep the meaning behind the day in mind as I enjoy the unofficial first day of summer, and I hope you do as well.

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I'm just spending the day quietly reading. The last thing I want to do when I'm grilling is think about people getting shot.

The entire reason why you have the day off—the entire reason why the day isn't called "generic day of the year" is because of the people who fought and died for you. You can't even spare them your thoughts? They gave you their lives.

An example, it's similar to not having presents, not decorating your house, not having a tree, and not going to parties at Christmas. Seems pretty silly, no? And if you aren't doing that, might as well keep working through Christmas break since there isn't anything special about it.

Another example for if you don't celebrate Christmas: what if no one cared about your birthday? (I realize this happens to some people, and it probably doesn't feel too great. Think about how it makes you feel, but on a larger scale.) All you did was get born, and the people around you devoted an entire day to you.

Wouldn't you say these people deserve so much more?

Regardless, I can't force you to do anything, but I can talk and share my opinions all I want.

I meant it as in I'm not grilling because the theme of the day would suggest it to be improper. Revelry in the face of morbidity and whatnot. I don't know anybody who knows anybody that's died in a war, so there's nobody for me to memorialize.

No grilling, no mourning, just reading.

Sir, I salute you for this post. I have been reminded constantly of what this day means, and now?

Now, I shall never forget, as I am friends with a few others in the armed forces, and I am soon leaving for basic training in one month and six days. (I know, I'm counting...)

That being said, I say thank you in closing. There are too many that believe now that Memorial Day is a time for BBQ and drinking. I will raise a glass to all the men and women who have given their lives for our country.

To the ones that went, and came home.

And to the ones that went, and lost their lives fighting for the country that they love.

Valhalla awaits them; their sisters and brothers will wait to regroup.

Thank you again, good sir.

Thank you for reminding me i need to be a LITTLE more thankful of these hero's who gave their lives for my freedom. :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

Now fuck you cuz I gotta get them burgers off the grill before they get charred

wow. this really changed my thoughts about Memorial Day. I have family members that fought in some wars but I never really thought that much about Memorial Day. but, I also salute you. we can't forget the brave people that died for us. :ajsleepy:


Two, I do not intend to guilt you into having a terrible day, nor am I criticizing those who have parties on Memorial Day.

Oh really? :trixieshiftleft:

Thanks... no matter how many times I have feared for my brother in law's safety for the past thirteen years, even I need a reminder sometimes.

As you said, tomorrow is a day of memorial, of remembrance. What message are we giving the next generation when all the day has become is a day off from school and another excuse for department stores to have a sale.

I just sent the images to my sister, mom, and dad with text that says that we won't celebrate tommorow, and that all gave some, and some gave all.

Amen, brother. Amen.

It is I who should be thanking you, sir.

From boot camp to battle to home once more, stay safe and Godspeed.

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