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Timbre Tone

Amature music composer and writer. MLP inspires me like it does so many others and I want to share with the community that has given me so much.

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  • 355 weeks
    Chorus of Lament OCs!

    Just a few little visual aides I threw together quickly in the pony creator for anyone interested in a better idea what the handful of OCs in my story look like.

    Fighter Flight

    Wind Shear

    Willow Wisp

    Keen Eye

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  • 358 weeks
    Release Date for Part 4! - Title Change! - I'm not dead!

    I doubt there are many people reading this, but in the off change you are, it's probably because you're one of a very small number of people who've been reading my one and so-far only fanfic, Friendship is Darkness: The Embrace.

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  • 406 weeks
    Work on Part 4 of Friendship is Darkness: The Embrace has continued!

    I'm back from Brony Con and ready to get back to work on my dark and twisted tale. I have also completed a comprehensive polish and revision of the first 3 parts as well. Nothing has changed plotwise, but I've added a bit more detail and cleaned up a lot of sections, especially the dialogue. It might be worth a re-read for anyone interested, but at nearly 30K words I'll understand if people would

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  • 413 weeks
    Going to BronyCon. Writing temporarily suspended.

    An exciting opportunity has presented itself to me. A good friend of mine has asked me to produce the background music for an MLP fan series that he and the production crew he's a part of are going to be presenting at a panel at BronyCon this August.

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  • 415 weeks
    Slowgoing. >_<

    A lot of side projects are creeping into my life. I haven't had too much time to really put good work into Part 4. Just would like to once again remind who ever out there who might be listening that I am still working on it, and it is still eventually happening. Hopefully you'll still be around when it's done.

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Part 4 · 12:52pm May 19th, 2014

As many of you who've been following the releases of this story from part to part know, I usually take a fairly long time to release updates, but I try to offset this long wait by making each part a hefty 7k-11k words in length and make each part push the plot forward significantly. I want each part to stand on it's own like an episode of a series.

Part 4 is now officially being written. I completed the outline a few days ago after taking a long and much-needed break after completing the monstrous part 3. Just wanted to give people the update so they don't assume this story has died. I'm in this for the long haul, and while my updates might be as long as a month or more apart from one another, they will come. :3

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Stiil waiting here looking awesome, waiting for the equally awesome person to write the next bit of awesome. (Laughing awesomely in the background...!)


Oh you! :scootangel:

Progress might also be slowed slightly by a few other non-fanfiction projects I've taken on. Being creative is exhausting.

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