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  • 316 weeks
    Some bad news

    (MW:E tagged because it is the most effected.)

    Alright, so a month ago, my computer suffered a mechanical failure in the hard drive. I've built a new one since, and tried to get some kind of recovery from the old hdd to get all my work back.

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    SCAR Updated!

    At long last, an update for SCAR. I know its taken a long time, and I thank you all for being patient while I work shit out.

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    Working on new SCAR chapter.

    and others as well, SCAR will be the first to be updated though. And I've got some proofreading/editing to do either tonight or tomorrow as well.

    Settling in, playing some music, readying my body for an all-nighter. I won't say anything about the new chapter but this: Those of you that hate instant forgiveness, you're in luck.


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    So much feels.

    Tears of an Empty Sky

    Go read it. . . I need to go get a second gallon jug for all this liquid pride.

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    New SCAR chapter

    9,330 words. It's the largest chapter I've ever posted, in any of my stories. To top it all off, I wrote it all today. . . If it wasn't 3am, it probably would've ended up being around 15k, but that'll be the next chapter. Trying to drive home the damaged state that Geoff's mind is in, so if you can't pin down the character, good.


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Some bad news · 5:10am May 7th, 2014

(MW:E tagged because it is the most effected.)

Alright, so a month ago, my computer suffered a mechanical failure in the hard drive. I've built a new one since, and tried to get some kind of recovery from the old hdd to get all my work back.

The recovery failed to get anything, three times in a row, and after having a friend who is graduating college as a computer hardware major this year open it. . .
we found that the read/write magnet on one of the arms folded over, jamming the discs in place and etching a ring into two of the disks. I don't know what caused this, but the damn thing was 7-8 years old so it was bound to fail eventually. (^^^My fucking face when no computer for three weeks)

$1,800.00 later, I have a new rig, but all of my old work is MIA. I almost had chapters complete for both AC:F and SCAR, as well as the chapters for revision from MW:E.

This means different things for each story, detailed below.

Mechwarrior: Equestria -- The other 50k+ words over 20+ chapters are gone. What would take a couple hours to revise in each chapter has now turned into a complete and total re-write from scratch. . . if I continue working on it, which I may decide against (I'm waiting for the annoyance of losing all that work to fade before deciding). I don't think I'll get an update out soon, but if I do, let it be known that the story is no longer a revision, and is now only vaguely going to follow the original story. Any new content will be fresh, so even if you were following before, read the updates to avoid confusion.

Armored Core: Failure -- After working through some major writer's block, I had a chapter almost complete, awaiting revision and posting. (roughly 10k words) I still remember my work for the chapter, and that should be an easy fix and updates should come soon. Be patient, I won't abandon this one.

SCAR -- half a chapter was lost, I know what to write, no real effect.

In all actuality, I'm just waiting until I can pick up a copy of MS Office (probably just ms Word) because I hate writing in the browser editor, it just gives me cancer with chrome's spell check hating every other word. Look for an update to AC:F and SCAR within the next week, possibly as soon as saturday/sunday, though probably monday/tuesday as I've got a friend graduating college and I have some grad parties/graduation ceremonies to attend over the weekend, as well as some hanging out to do before he moves back to California.

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Comments ( 5 )

Aw, damn... At least you had the motivation to write, I don't. Even though I have approximately two-three hours every night to write something... But never felt like it :facehoof:

I dont understand why people still dont backup important things to either dropbox or google drive? Both which are free and self revisioning

I've lost a full 4tb hdd an that pissed me off to all hell.

And this is why you make backups on two physical supports and in the cloud.

I've learned it the hard way. It wasn't something as trivial as fanfiction though. :fluttershyouch:

just take your time, i ain't in no rush. tho if i might suggest you get some external memory cards for future reference.

Soo, it's just technical problems and not the dreaded Writer's Block? :unsuresweetie:

SWEET! SCAR update inbound! WOOT! :eeyup::moustache::heart:

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