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    First off, I wanted to thank everyone who read and commented on Moonlight. It's definitely my favorite story I've written yet, and it was great to see it get such a positive reception. As far as a sequel goes, I have no plans at the moment, but I might revisit it later for a short story or oneshot. The dream setting opens up a lot of possibilities, and that made it a really fun story to

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    Looks like I'm starting another fairly long multi-part story against my better judgement. I know exactly what I'm getting myself into. I will probably regret this in a few months.

    Anyway, it's based on an idea I've been working on for a few months. I'll try to post chapters on a fairly regular schedule, unless life gets in the way.

    Stay tuned for terrible things happening to Scootaloo.

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    A Cutie Mark Crusaders Christmas!!

    I guess that "A Cutie Mark Crusaders Hearth's Warming Eve" would be more accurate, but it doesn't have the catchy alliteration.

    I just finished a new story and submitted it, so it should be up on the site pretty soon!

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You people are crazy · 5:30pm Dec 21st, 2011

I had no idea people loved Lyra so much. It's okay, because Lyra loves people too. I'd just like to know where all 6,000 or so of you are coming from.

Starting with Chapter 3, I'll be trying to update regularly each Monday. I think that should give me plenty of time to write and edit. This story will probably end up being fairly long, so I need to find a routine and stick with it.

Again, thanks everyone for the reviews and ratings. I hope you like where I'm going with this story. I have no idea what else to say so here's a picture of Lyra's wildest dreams coming true:


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Comments ( 7 )

Ooh. That's quite a picture there.

I still feel the need to shout "DO NOT WANT", but I'm going to surpress it for the moment.

Anyway, I think you've done this concept remarkably well - there's a nice amount of build-up, you don't rush into her obsession with humans too quickly, and when it's done it's done in a believable manner.


Also, it's nice to finally be on the other side of the mysterious ancient Precursor race thing. It's much more interesting this way, because we don't have to be told about all their wars and mistakes - we already know the sort of mistakes we can make.

SO... you are ... :pinkiecrazy: SUPRISED?!


I :heart: it the way you are doing it as is. keep it up!

Hah! I don't see why you're surprised that quality work is getting quality results. :raritywink:

Ever since I joined the brony community, that large (and slightly crazed) smile on that unicorns face has just grabbed me by the shoulders and wrestled me to the ground. Honestly I'm not sure how I could not like Lyra!

I look forward to seeing your future installments, and just so you know you're awesome Jason! :pinkiehappy:

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