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Just a guy with time on his hands really, all I can say is a hope you enjoy what I write

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  • 246 weeks
    Going forward

    After a long hiatus involving drink, drugs, parental divorce, cancer, lots of debt, and an over riding urge to commit suicide, I'm back

    Expect chapter 4 of the heavenfall by the end of next week, to those of you who followed my shining armour stories expect a continuation by the end of the month.

    Thank you for your patience


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    hey there guys.

    So it's been a while. ridiculously too long in fact. where have I been? I don't want to say, and what have I done? I don't want to say. I've let most of you down by neglecting to return and finish what I've started, and while I can't promise swift or regular updates, I will try what I can

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    Guess who's back; back again.

    Erol's back. Tell a friend.

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    My laptop finally gets out the maintainence bay today, so expect the next chapter of Heavenfall soon!

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    A serious question about the escapades of Shining Armour.

    Hey guys.

    Thanks for all your support and encouragement for my Shining Armour series. Just wanting you to know that the next installment is on the way, with Shining Armour heading up north on a diplomatic mission to the Crystal Empire.

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To my original readers · 5:12pm Mar 14th, 2014

When I first started on this site, I had a dream; a dream that I would write a Solar Empire/ New Lunar Republic story of epic proportions.

The Sins Of The Celestial Empire was the first attempt at serious fan-fiction I ever made. It was my first attempt for romance, action, politics, world-building, and psychology. Truthfully, looking back, it's a bit crap. Most of the characters were under-developed, a lot of the scenes were kinda bland, and the spelling, grammar, and punctuation were just god-damn horrible. But looking back on it today, I find myself enjoying the attempts of a younger me to be a serious writer, and I reckon that with a little work, I might be able to revamp this old piece of junk into something moderately shiny.

So, to all those who made a favourite of The Sins Of The Celestial Empire, my first story on FimFic, I'd like you to know that I'm re-continuing the story.

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Kick ass, I really enjoyed this story since I found it on fanfiction.net (you even used one of my OCs). I look foreword to seeing what you'll make the story into now that you have some more experience under your belt.

Never imagined I'd see this day.... I'm glad you are continuing this. Looking forward to your new chapters!

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