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So, my editor sent me a thing. What would happen... if we had anthro pokeballs. · 2:14am Feb 20th, 2014


Fear without end.

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Comments ( 14 )

Oh gawd....


I'm going to go in a corner and think about anthros...

scary, scary anthros

1854808 I wouldn't mind catching a Manchoke with my Ultraball.

If-you-know-what-I-mean. :duck:

This... Has to be the most epic thing I've ever seen O.o


Imagining two pokeballs beating each other to death with legendary pokemon?

All of my yesh :moustache:

The life expectancy of a captured pokemon would nosedive...

Jesus Fucking Christ


Or would it? After all, pokemon and their pokeballs get healed together in pokemon centres.

I think pokemon would just get stronger abs get figures similar to the pokeballs. Until pokemon battles become a mass of colored muscles and manly grunts.

... :heart:




Am I the only one worried about Charmander?


Trixeffable is also worried.

1854855 I don't know, the two in the comic look pretty dead to me.

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