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Youtube, why! · 6:09am Feb 21st, 2014

They just changed their UI again and it looks bloody horrible. :facehoof: Ugh, why does Youtube keep doing this?

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It's gotten to the point where I stop caring/bothering to complain. I still hate it though.

Tzeentch is pleased.

Cause they're run by morons *cough*Google*cough*


inb4 noise marines hiding in my channel.

Too fuckin late.

I dunno. This one at least works as it should.

I've on-and-off been receiving "beta" updates of this version that were a complete mess. Though, within the hour, they'd reset it to the "previous".

At least, in this one, they fixed the horrendous spacing issue. The video is actually CENTERED on the screen. That's a plus from me, because it ALWAYS bugged me that it was more to the left than the right.

The menu disappearing and reappearing is also tons smoother, and the fact that you can do it at the home screen is also kind of nice.

Say what you may, Ineffable, but I actually like this one a little bit. It's at least somewhat a step in the right direction.

Now if only they'd fix that deal where you can't buffer the videos while they're paused.

Oh, and needing Google+ to comment on videos, as that's VERY unnecessary and unwanted.

1858695 I've found a way around that. Just watch two or three videos at the same time, say, two short videos for one long one.

Playing one video buffers the other(s), if only slightly, but enough for that video to buffer the other(s).

1858695 But I do agree with you that buffering does need to be fixed.

There's a lot of things that need to be fixed. Seems like every since Google bought the site, it went to shit.

1858702 Well, at the least, a LOT faster than before the merger.

YouTube did occasionally put out updates that were a wee bit rubbish.

True, but we still had better user pages instead of this awful YouTube One layout, buffering while paused and able to comment on videos without needing to be registered at another site.

1858713 Completely conceded. I was not as affected by the Great Merger due to already having a Google+ account (don't ask xP), but even then, I thought it was completely ridiculous that you now NEED one.

Even though it's just as easy to falsify a name and/or use your old YouTube name. Still an unnecessary step.

Part of me actually wonders what might have happened had Google not bought out YouTube.

I don't know, but I think it probably would've been better, but that's just me.

1858734 Mhm. Alas... can't change history, I guess.

...I like it?

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