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    #11: Return

    So, it's been a heck of a long time since I was last here on Fimfiction. I became rather preoccupied with a lot of things over the past couple of years, and I still have stuff going on. There's the new puppy (who is quite a handful just by herself), working on my novel, my continuing involvement in audio series production (with a new series coming out later this year, which I have a much more

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  • 457 weeks
    #10: DW: The East India Incident

    So I've returned after a lengthy hiatus. I have begun work on the next part of The Country of Roses, published the first chapter of a new story, and a little while ago, released a new story in the Doctor Who audio drama series on YouTube.

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  • 512 weeks
    #9 - This Week, I Had a Surprise

    As some of my readers may have picked up on in my earliest author's notes, I started writing The Country of Roses for reactionary purposes. I wanted to see if I could blend something I loved and something which I still approached with great trepidation. This phenomena called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was startling, bizarre, confusing, and perhaps a little frightening. I

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    #8: Camp NaNoWriMo 2014 - Concluded

    So Camp NaNoWriMo has concluded for July 2014. Although I reached my projected word count, the book itself is still far from done, so I'll be working on that. This doesn't mean I'm abandoning Country of Roses, I'm still working on that now, but I've made a lot of headway with my original project and would like to see that reach its end and possible publication.

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    #7: Camp NaNoWriMo 2014

    So for those who did not see the author's note at the end of my latest chapter, I will not be working on The Country of Roses until after July as I have signed up to compete in Camp NaNoWriMo, a lighter version of National Novel Writing Month (whether I will compete in the larger programme in November is still up in the air). As of today, I will be working hard to meet my chosen word

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#3: A Brief Account of Recent Times · 8:51am Feb 19th, 2014

I realise it's been a while since I last updated The Country of Roses. Now, I won't bombard you with excuses about work or school or life or any of those things, and I won't plead with you to understand or forgive me, however I do feel a need to explain myself to my readers, and any of those who may fear that Roses has joined the huge mountain of unfinished stories out there on the web. Goodness knows, I've had a lot of projects wind up like that, but this won't be one of them. I enjoy it too much. The fact of the matter is that my attention has been distracted by a lot of things. I recently became engrossed in completing a couple of book series I've been reading for a couple of years now, namely Michael Grant's Gone and Adrian Tchaikovsky's Shadows of the Apt, and beginning Robert Silverberg's Lord Valentine's Castle. I have also been distracted with some stuff related to writing, including undertaking a course with the Writer's Bureau, aiding some friends of mine with collaborative works and plots for multiple table top role-playing games which seem to periodically wax and wane, and my continuing involvement in the Doctor Who fan-made audio series, for which I would like to write some stories independent of the overall canon of the project. More recently, I have become even more addicted to Guild Wars 2, for which a new chapter in the grand storyline has been released. It's dreadful, I know, I should have been spending more time on writing Roses for those who have stayed with me, and believe me I will. The next chapter is already fairly underway. Just, you know, be patient.

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