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Author of the Kamen Rider Drake series and all around fan of...just about anything with action in it. Shooting Stars Away! -RedStar

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  • 229 weeks
    Woah. Now this is a nostalgia trip.

    Hi there!
    For those of you who actually know who I am, hi! I'm RedStar76.
    I used to write on here way back in the day.
    It's been... wow, it's literally been ages since I last hopped back on here.
    So many things have changed these past few years. I grew and changed a lot, and I'm still doing so to this day.

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  • 400 weeks
    A new chapter of FOR SHOVELRY is out!

    Yes, I am in fact, back this time!
    After going on a long, epic journey through the vast reaches of space and time I have returned with (hopefully) better writing skill than I ever had before.

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  • 474 weeks
    Greetings everyone!

    Ah yes, it has indeed been some time since I've dabbled in some good writing activity! *sips tea*
    Redstar translator:
    I'm back, expect a FOR SHOVELRY update.

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  • 488 weeks
    Updates regarding FOR SHOVELRY!

    Hello Shooting Stars!
    I'm coming at you guys with some exciting news!
    Thanks to the efforts of m2pt5 all of the current chapters of Shovel Knight have been looked over and the grammatical and spelling errors have been dealt with.

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  • 489 weeks
    New Story! (and an update!)

    First up, id my brand new story. Hope you dig it-

    Reunited with his beloved Shield Knight, Shovel Knight continues journeying with her, just like old times.

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Happy Valentine's/ Hearts and hooves day! · 3:11am Feb 15th, 2014

Hello Shooting Stars!
Yup, that time of the month again. Weirdly enough, there's a full moon outside, which actually explains a lot of the crazy stuff that's been happening to me today.
Everything, except getting a special somepony. Which has not yet happened.
Ah well, not like I'm in a rush, then again life's too short.
Contradiction is contradictory.
And to all the registers out there, a rose to you.
*Roseluck enters and throws roses at everybody*

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